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Page 24 of 103 19 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 We know, from our own experience, to expect a higher misprint percentage with a new printer compared to a long-term employee. Order a couple extra garments more than you normally would and tell them that they have four (or close to) shirts to test with before their production run starts. is will help get them started with less pressure, and if they nail the first four shirts, you can save the same amount out of the production run (unprinted) for the next order and now they have the same buffer without need- ing to order extras again. REPEAT & RETHINK You need to paint a very clear picture of Point A, Point B, and any steps in between, that you feel are an absolute "do as I do." Ideally, we have our new team members, Joe and Kate, mimick- ing what we are doing, exactly, until they can repeat all the steps consistently without questioning them or missing them. We have to recognize – as the trainer, owner or system writer – that not everyone thinks exactly how we do. By the time Joe or Kate has been able to replicate our procedure, they have prob- ably already thought of three areas where they want the process to change for varying reasons. We must encourage this mindset, but we must encourage it at the right time and in the right way. We explain to Kate and Joe that they are proficient in repeating these steps as they have been taught, and we encourage them to use them without our constant supervision now. We must also tell them, now that they know our process, they have the right This is a hands-on industry. Get your new hires or promoted employees hands on as early and often as you can. It is so important to have the right tools to train someone in the printing industry. By the time your employee has been able to replicate your procedure, they have probably already thought of three areas where they want the process to change for varying reasons.

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