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Page 26 of 103 21 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 Enacted would be lessons where you are hands-on and showing trainees the ele- ments you want them to learn. Spoken and enacted could both be made into a video that can be used over and over with- out taking time away from your schedule. Lastly, directed/guided lessons would be explaining every step while your trainee is acting out what you're teaching them in the moment. e sooner we can have each of these teaching methods ready to go, the easier time we will have onboarding any type of learner, making them so much more likely to be retained as an employee for a healthy amount of time. REEVALUATE YOUR SYSTEMS We need to make sure we take the time to test our systems. ere is function in redeveloping company procedures. Feel free to take input or ask assistance from active employees and especially people who have been trained on the more recent side of things. ey will have the most vigor toward helping and will have the freshest memory and input to what your system is like. Remember, we told everyone to cre- ate their own system within ours. A lso remember that you were new once. e five P's to this are as follows: patience, practice, persistence, practical- ity, patience. Ideally, you have a chance to bring someone on board in preparation for an increase in production. at would allow time to be picky about your hire and time to train without things being needed yes- terday. When do things ever go to plan though? Checklist for Taking Orders By Chris Slivar and Elsie Acevedo, Deluxe Screen Printing To be a successful screen-printing shop, you need to have the process of tak- ing customer orders down to a science. Cross your T's and dot your I's. Your checklist for placing an order should include: • Graphic file • Blanks • Quantity • Ink type • Pantones • Due date For a breakdown of each item on this checklist, visit Not everyone has the same learning style. We should grant ourselves the time to develop our lessons in several ways, including written, spoken, enacted, and directed/guided.

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