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24 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 Pricing Guide for DTG Prints Adam Tipre, DTG Connection, shares five questions to keep top of mind when creating your pricing strategy. DTG is fast, a production solution capa- ble of delivering imprinted gear at the speed today's buyers have come to expect. Furthermore, available workflow solutions offer end-to-end visibility and control, inte- grating POS, product catalogs, produc- tion floor, and shipping logistics to enable streamlined, cost-effective operations and superior customer experience. DTG speed and efficiency mean capitalizing on social listening Today's consumers express themselves via social media and online marketplaces. Fast fashion, micro-moments, and instant grati- fication are the norm. DTG means you can produce to meet demand resulting from events, causes, and thought leadership in real-time. Recreate images and memes in photorealistic detail. Any inspiration appear- ing on Etsy can appear on a garment; DTG fulfillers can meet that need for private cre- ators and creative online entrepreneurs. Consumers demand responsible production practices, and DTG delivers By eliminating inventory waste, removing harmful plastisol and byproducts from pro- duction, using a water-based pigment chem- istry, and optimizing productivity relative to floor space, DTG answers the widespread demand for safe, sustainable, eco-friendly (low carbon footprint) practices without sac- rificing quality or profitability. DTG is a proven vehicle for profit- ability and growth Supplementing screens with DTG makes every order profitable; screens handle the large, low-color jobs, while DTG handles complex designs in any color, in any quan- tity, on multiple fabrics, for a low and con- sistent cost to ensure profitability. When you can take every job, you can cap- italize on every opportunity. Waste less, and every resource — labor, capital, and mate- rials — generates profit for your shop. I've visited countless print businesses that have grown at a staggering pace by supplement- ing e-commerce with DTG production. Image courtesy Kornit Digital DTG is fast, a production solution capable of delivering imprinted gear at the speed today's buyers have come to expect. 3 4 5

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