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Page 30 of 103 25 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 Printing is subjective to you and your customer. It is always important to keep perspective of what the end-user wants. Your goal is to produce quality garments that customers want to buy. Keep this in mind when selecting the ideal garment for your customers. Ask yourself these four questions: • Does the garment meet my customer's needs regarding look and feel? • Am I able to print a good print that will hold up in the wash? • Am I able to purchase the blanks, pay for labor, and sell at an acceptable margin? • Will my customer buy the garment and be happy with their purchase after the wash? If you can answer yes to all these questions, then it's a suc- cess! Don't fall into the trap of nitpicking your output to such an extent that no customer will ever notice the slight varia- tions between the brands of T-shirts. If it works for you and your customer, then who cares what the so-called experts say online. Learn more at Choosing the Right T for DTG By Paul Crocker, DTG Connection STAHLS' has the solution for all your heat printing needs. Over the last 90 years, we have provided industry leading products and services to help create confident and capable apparel decorators. With our high-quality HTV available in our reseller network, we now have the best option locally to help you succeed. Make the right choice for your business and start with STAHLS'. GET STARTED WITH STAHLS' ⊲ SHOP LOCAL WITH STAHLS' ⊲ GP1022 STAHLS.COM | 800.478.2457 HELPING DECORATORS SUCCEED FOR 90 YEARS & COUNTING

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