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Page 38 of 103 33 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 ASK FOR WHAT YOU'RE WORTH Truthfully, it's not audacious, but you'd think it was from how hesitant new embroiderers often are to ask a fair price. Don't undervalue your labor or discount it randomly. Value your work and expertise. You are exchanging your expert technical knowl- edge, creativity, dedication, service, and the use of your uncom- mon and expensive machinery and supplies for the price you are asking. Price on more than the material value and time spent labor- ing. Price on the value you provide and the value your customer perceives. It's the money that makes it possible to keep doing what you love. SELLING ISN'T SELLING OUT Sales isn't a dirty word. If you are doing good work, telling people about it is a service. You are doing the world a disservice if you won't show them what they might be missing. You provide a product and service that gives measurable value. Sales don't have to be shifty when you simply share a good product from which your audience stands to benefit. Show them the benefit, how it can help their lives, businesses, teams, and groups, and give them the chance to make you their friend in the industry. SET FIRM BOUNDARIES Particularly for home-based businesses, it's hard to physi- cally and mentally separate work and home life. Start early with dedicated business hours, using a second phone or service as well as a dedicated email address for business-only contact channels, and by physically keeping your work in a designated space, if possible. It's good to grind, and you'll often work long hours, but don't let customers dominate your off-time or personal space. ough you can choose to work whatever hours you like, your early boundary setting will keep you from being always on-call. At the intersection between the work you love to do and the money you need to survive, there's a blessed state of existence. If you can dig in and do business, understand the needs of your market, and charge a fair but properly profit-conscious price, you'll be well on your way to living there. Learn from commercial workers' experience, but don't be afraid to share your perspective too. Together, we can be more than we could have been apart. " We can make ourselves embroiderers who relish experimentation and creativity but know how to make it efficient and easy to produce, all while making the money it takes to keep us doing what we love." 4 5 6

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