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Page 52 of 103 47 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 LOOKING AHEAD Let me leave you with a positive note. Much of what I have shared may scare you out of the U V printing market. Please replace fear with knowledge. e UV printing market is one of the fastest- growing segments in the print industry. e opportunities are unlimited, and the direction you can take your company and the products you can create will reward you with great profits from uncrowded markets. Feel free to reach out to me for help with any questions or concerns you may have. Happy printing! One of the most profitable products to print are name badges. Name badges: Probably the most profitable product to go after. All name badges are personalized and bring a super high margin when printed on a rainbow foil, metalized badge, or leather badge. One name badge can sell for $8-$15 per badge. On a small-format UV printer, you can print many name badges at once. For example, with a 1" × 3" name badge on a 24" × 16" print bed, you can produce about 100 name badges in less than five minutes. Your cost to produce these badges is less than $100 for the blanks and the magnets that go on the back of the badges. The retail value of this five-minute bed at $12 per name badge is about $1,200. This might not sound believable to you, but we see this often. Christmas ornaments: Another amazing opportunity is Christmas or n ament s . C h r i s t m a s ne ver sneaks up on us — it happens ever y year at t he same t ime. Personal i zed Chr ist mas or na- ments retail anywhere from $10- $25 per ornament. On a 24" × 16" print bed, we can produce 35 3" × 3" ornaments with a retail value of an average of $20 per ornament — for a five-minute total of $700 retail value. Popular Products to UV Print By Steve Weist, PDS Equipment Here are a couple of products our customers have produced with small-format UV printers. Images courtesy American Teething and Craft Supply

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