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Page 54 of 103 49 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 Make sure the products are for lasering and not for print or another process. You may find acrylic plaques that are lasered from the reverse side removing a paint layer to reveal the text and graphics. Make sure you read directions and reverse your text and graphics when needed. Ruining expensive acrylic prod- ucts because you rush through a job and don't read the instruc- tions will leave you feeling foolish and perhaps with an order that is not profitable. Why acrylic plastic? Acrylic plastic does not give off harmful gases like some other plastics do. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of them. Lasering certain plastics can be harmful to your laser operator and other employees, as well as damage your laser and invalidate its warranty. PVC gives off chlorine which is very harm- ful to the body and your laser's optics. If you laser your custom- er's products, do not laser any plastic products that you cannot identify the type of plastic it is made from. Products that appear to be leather can also be plastic and melt when lasered. I had a high school football coach bring me several footballs that he said he guaranteed were leather. ey were not! Many book covers, Clear acrylics are great for photos as well as text. Lower resolutions in the range of 200-400 DPI work best. Make sure your photo resolutions match your laser settings. Laser engraved and cut ornaments are just one custom product you can sell. such as bibles, have what appears to be leather covers that are made from plastic. I only made those mistakes once. SHOW OFF YOUR WORK You may have customers that are familiar with wood plaques as awards, yet they can't imagine acrylic awards. Displaying samples in your showroom or in a virtual showroom (your web- site) is important. Describing acrylic awards is not easy without a photo. I highly suggest you display products you engrave or print. Customers want to see your work and displaying logos

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