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50 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 that are familiar to them is a great way of relaying who your loyal customers are. Your samples show off your layout and graphic skills as well. Samples can be an important part of your market- ing plan. ere are acrylic products for almost every use, from keychains and bag tags to awards, plaques, and decorative pieces and many color combinations of 2-ply sheet goods. WORKING WITH SHEET ACRYLIC Sheet acrylic can be lasered and laser cut into your own cus- tom products. Shapes cut from sheets is a great way to add color to a wood-based custom decorative product. ere is also a very limited number of color combinations of 3-ply sheets available. It is laserable on both sides and can be used for signage that needs to be read from both the front and back sides. Mixing acrylic laser cut from sheets with wood and even metal pieces can make for some very interesting and creative decorative products. I sold thousands of name badges each year, mostly made from lasered sheet goods, in a variety of color combinations. ey can be highly profitable and repeat orders from organizations and inde- pendent business owners. e biggest challenge is getting a good quality graphic file of the logo. However, graphic files are a topic for another article. Name badges are one of the least expensive methods of marketing and business recognition. In today's world, they are an important way to put potential customers at ease as you approach them. Acquiring trust in a world where scammers are everywhere is a number one priority. POWER & SETTINGS When it comes to power and speed settings, they will dif- fer between clear acrylic, sheet goods, and if you're removing a painted color coating from solid-color acrylic. As clear cast acrylic turns white when lasered, you do not have to engrave deeply to have the lasering be readable and look good. Some engravers pre- fer some added depth to provide more dimension to the engrav- ing. I am one of those engravers. Adding depth can enhance the detail, especially for graphics. You could get a deeper result by Acrylic letters were cut out and applied to stained wood to make a unique custom sign for a library. The solid black acrylic lasers a bright white with very high contrast. Why acrylic plastic? Acrylic plastic does not give off harmful gases like some other plastics do. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of them. Lasering certain plastics can be harmful to your laser operator and other employees, as well as damage your laser and invalidate its warranty.

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