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Page 70 of 103 65 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 CREATIVE INNER-SPIRATION SOURCE What is your creative inner source? Have you identified it yet? Take time to stop, think, listen, and follow your own inner creative inspirational resources (it's the mojo that separates you from the accountants). is is the voice in your head that pro- vides you the drive, focus, passion, and desire that helps propel your creative brain into the direction the design needs to go. The simple fact you are reading this means you are aware of this creative source, but you may not have recognized nor real- ized you can tap into it, like a tool whenever you need it, and you can absolutely lean on it at any time for the inspiration needed to get through a tough design project. Every creative designer or artist who sets out on a creative process with a result in mind depends on tapping into their own private, inspirational source for the "WOW-NESS" factor. is is needed to provide the creative drive, passion and abilities that help them avoid pursuing the accounting degree they never ever wanted. I hope this outline has helped you define the logo design process or at least helped you realize there really is a creative drive you can tap into and use to make the cre- ative process easier and faster, and ulti- mately more fun for you and your cus- tomer. The client for this design approached me with the need for a mark for his new custom hat shop in Ault, Colorado. It had to be bold, unique, recognizable, easy to reproduce on all surfaces and mediums, and it had to tie-in the name with the product into one, clean, iconic logo mark. Logo variation.

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