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Page 80 of 103 75 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 2 I 'm a huge proponent of business planning, yet many people feel the business plan has about the same worth as a toilet paper roll. Single-use and then put it somewhere where no one has to deal with it again. But the business plan is the simple art of working on your business, not always in your business. Planning strategi- cally is more valuable to your long-term success than any other task in your business. As Dr. Stephen Covey said in his book "7 Habits," "All things are created twice. ere's a mental or first creation and a physical or second creation." When I talk about business planning, it has very little to do with polished SOPs and carefully crafted executive statements. Remember, business planning is the art of working on your busi- ness, not always in it. Business planning is taking the thoughts in your mind and exporting or writing them out into something you can implement and make core to your business. As a success principles certified trainer, I see the business plan roadmap like the fundamentals we should live by. CORE FOUNDATIONS OF A WORKING BUSINESS PLAN Clarify Your Reasons – For anything to be successful, your reasons need to be greater than your excuses. We are all 100% responsible for our results. And in business, that comes with a lot of responsibility. e nice part is that the same respon- sibility also comes with a lot of empowerment. To best focus that empowerment, you must know why it is important. ere will be days when you work hard climbing the ladder and discover your ladder is leaning against the wrong house. With a strong reason, those setbacks will be nothing more than a learning experience, and you will not lose any enthusiasm due to the power of your reason for being a business owner. But without this clarity of rea- son, as a business owner, you have just created another job for yourself with lots of extra responsibility and none of the security. Becoming a Goal Getter – ere is a difference between a goal setter and a goal getter that goes a little deeper than the G versus the S. As a goal getter, you are going to set goals in such a way that not only is it extremely clear, but it is also believ- able by you. With that clarity, our subconscious brain now has the vision that tells it the goal is worth expending your valuable energy towards. So, get extremely specific about what you want. Many times, I notice money goals are just a cheap way out from explaining what actual impact you plan to make. With a clear Create a working roadmap for your business Aaron Montgomery is certified by New York Times best- selling author Jack Canfield as a Success Principles Trainer and is the co-founder of OurSuccessGroup. com. Aaron has over 25 years of experience with personalized products and small business development and is the co-creator of the "5 Keys of Business Success." You can also find Aaron co-hosting the decorator's industry podcast 2 Regular Guys Podcast ( Also, check him out on his podcast channel Small Business Saturdays ( By Aaron Montgomery Core Functions of a Strategic Business Plan 5 1 2

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