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2 4 G R A P H I C S P R O • N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 2 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M DIVISION 10 e Construction Specifications Insti- tute (CSI) has a master format that is widely used as a list of divisions with sec- tion numbers and titles within each divi- sion for organizing the information and specifications for a facility's construction. is standardization improves communi- cation among all parties involved in the construction process. For our world, we are generally in Division 10 – Specialties. Yes, we're packed into the same group as toilet partitions and grab bars. God does have a sense of humor. In Division 10 – 1310, there are elec- tronic architectural directories which can be quite expensive, including touchscreen types which are becoming more popular in universities for planning meeting room reservations and events. In Division 10 – 1400, architectural signs have housed our best opportunities with plaques, ADA signs, and interior signage. is area of focus for our company helped us go from five to 60 school projects per year for the next five years. Our sales, estimating, and project man- agement teams learned to read architec- tural drawings, floor and site plans, iso- metrics, cross-sections, landscape plans, finish details and schematics, and eleva- tions. We did takeoffs and even found great wholesale partners that did the take- off work for us, which allowed us to allo- cate our resources to more bids. A syn- ergy developed, and we started winning more and more projects. When you win 60 school projects per year, you can add $1.5 million or more to your annual sales. at can change your trajectory in a good way fast. GENERAL CONTRACTORS A great benefit of most bid jobs with general contractors and school projects is that you can usually see the bid tab, the list of bidders, and their dollar submis- sions. A terrible benefit of a bid tab is you might find out you lost a $26,779 proj- ect by $34.00 with a general contractor ( GC) you've worked with 12 times. You freak out and call them since you are now on a first-name basis, or you should since Image courtesy Rowmark Image courtesy Roland DGA One of the many ways to create attractive interior signs is by using a CNC router. (Image courtesy Gravotech)

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