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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 2 • G R A P H I C S P R O 2 1 scope and complexity of the project. The vehicle was immediately trans- por ted from Virginia Internationa l Raceway via an enclosed trailer, after which Montemurro's team promptly got to work painstakingly reconstructing the 3D imagery so the artwork could be final- ized, cut, and printed for installation us- ing the company's Roland TrueVIS VG2- 640 printer. Atlantic Pinstriping & Vehicle Wraps was not only challenged to recreate the original design in its entirety but also make appropriate alterations to snug-fit the vehicle's curves. Being a track car, the vehicle sustains far more abuse than nor- mal. In a perfect world, paint protection film dons a 10-year warranty; however, the conditions in which the Porsche is slat- ed to compete are anything but ordinary. As such, lead project technician Michael Montemurro Jr. sought to incorporate maximum protection. He turned to Avery Dennison Chrome, Avery MPI 1105 print- ed materials, and FTek Dyno Shield for the tough job ahead. First, the vehicle was completely wrapped in paint protec- tion film — edges and all. Next, the ve- hicle was rewrapped, this time in chrome. Custom-printed graphics were overlayed, then another round of paint protection film was applied to best protect all carbon fiber elements and graphics. Junior admits the rear quarter panels were particularly difficult to wrap, given their unique shape and intricacy. Leaning on his training, he expertly hid exposed seams to create a long-lasting "optical- ly-pleasing" install. With Junior mainly working solo on the installation, the project took 7-10 days. The team agreed that the vehicle itself, in addition to the product used to dress it and the finite details required to com- plete the project, made the tall task all the more special. Overcoming the challenges of chrome was a particularly rewarding aspect of the installation for Junior. "Seeing it come together as a true race car was very cool. It's a real showpiece, and the customer was thrilled with it," he says. Looking ahead, Montemurro is laser-fo- cused on maintaining his core business — but hopeful the unique opportunity to collaborate in the race scene will stimulate similar project discussions. GP Stefanie Galeano-Zalutko is the president/CEO of Zalutko Business Services, Inc., a marketing agency based in Central Florida. She can be reached at szalutko@zalut- This isn't a weekend race car at a small, local track. It's a high-end car made for high-end racing. • Watch videos • View machines in 3D • Download literature • Access service manuals Visit Gfp's Virtual Showroom WATCH Gfp products in action LEARN graphic finishing techniques CONNECT with Gfp dealers nationwide Don't miss this exciting interactive display of Gfp finishing products. Visit our virtual showroom

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