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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 1 5 Vehicles require wrapping around more curves than a wall, though wraps on appliances or furniture requires working with tight angles and corners. With wall wraps, the environment is more import- ant, requiring more planning up front with the client, designers, or architects to identify the desired outcomes and how colors, materials, and lighting will be brought together to create a certain feel- ing and atmosphere. "You always want to think about the finish of a wall in relation to the decor around the wall," Fong says. "e choice of materials and colors is so integrated into the surroundings. It could be architecture, light fixtures, color choices, and furniture choices — all that comes together in an integrated fashion. Layering wraps Layering with wraps is becoming pop- ular to create murals and logos to create a more three-dimensional look, using laser routing and computer numerical control (CNC) to make the cuts. "e dimensional aspect of the working space makes the brand or logo pop very well," Fong says. "e 3D mural layers form 3D pieces on the wall. ose are very, very memorable. ey evoke emotion for people who work in that workspace." To sell a lternative uses for wraps, Signarama works with companies wanting to make the workplace more inviting and that are willing to make the investment. Signarama typically doesn't work directly with the company but with commercial property managers and commercial archi- tects and designers who are designing workspaces for their clients. "It's hard to say what the pricing might be for a job. It's very custom and unique," Fong says. "As sign companies try to ven- ture into this space, it is important to think about nontraditional routes to marketing. Like all other companies venturing into a new space, it's (important) to learn quickly and to be courageous enough to experi- ment with materials and colors." GP Michael Jordan release for BAIT in Los Angeles. (Image courtesy Gamut Media) Walls, Windows, Floors & More

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