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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 6 7 Furniture is, obviously, an area where decorators can excel and charge premium prices. While this area can be lucrative, it is also an area where specialty knowledge or connections with upholsterers or furniture builders may be necessary. Machine embroiderers could work with an upholstery shop to create cus- tom embroidered fabric for a chair or sofa. A shop that offers sublimation could create sublimated tiles for a custom table or backsplash in a kitchen. In these cases, it may also be useful to cultivate relationships with interior designers. ey would know which clients are looking for custom fabrics or pieces and have the money to pay for them. Another fertile area for decorators may be vehicles. While they don't fall under interior decoration, you might put vehicles under the home decor umbrella, or slot them into a personalization cat- egory. Some homeowners do extend their home decor to outside spaces or their vehicles. So, while this might be a bit of a stretch, it's not as big of a stretch as you might assume. In this category you might embroider a motorcycle seat or boat cushions. Or, if you work with vinyl, perhaps you could add boat names or decals to the seat cushions. Don't neglect outdoor spaces when considering the home decor market. Garden or decorative flags to hang from the house could be a nice market for sublimators. Vinyl might be used to decorate a sun umbrella for a patio table or to create wall decorations for a gazebo or outdoor dining room. Embroidering deck or director's chairs could make for some lovely personalized or themed seating options. More and more homeowners are working to create com- fortable and personalized outdoor spaces, so the decorators who can help them do that stand to profit handsomely from the work. When looking to get into the home decor market, it also pays to look at trends. Here are six trends that experts in the field predict will be big in 2023, and some thoughts on how decoration shops can capitalize on them: Meaningful objects — e world has been chaos for the last few years, so people are turning to decorating with objects that reflect their truest selves and which bring them peace and joy. It may be a custom- ized quilt, a collection of sublimated photo slates with favorite family photos on them, or a pil- low embroidered or sublimated with a favorite saying or mantra. e idea is to ease anxiety by filling our homes with objects that bring us calm. Eco-conscious homes — The trend towards being more ecolog- ically aware has been around for a while now, and it will extend to home decor in 2023. Customers will be looking for more natural fibers and decorating methods that are eco- logically friendly. Sustainable design will also be a theme. Homeowners will be looking for more renewable materials when it comes to fabrics for upholstery or rugs. Now is the time for decorators to be sourcing eco-friendly decorating materials and fabrics. Make sure that the ecologically conscious nature of the products you offer is also mentioned in all your marketing materials and on your website. Holistic design — is approach deals with how the design of your space makes you feel in both mind and body. ink about how color affects mood, and how certain textures of fabric can provide comfort. e goal of this type of design is to make peo- ple happier, healthier, and more comfortable in the spaces they occupy. For garment decorators venturing into the interior design space, this means considering color palettes and textures of fabric when creating items for home decor. ink embroidered faux- mink blankets, wall hangings that have lush colors and a mix- ture of fabric textures, or artwork with peaceful images done in soothing colors. Nature-inspired spaces — is trend centers around the idea of bringing nature inside. It might be in the colors chosen for the walls, or in the use of textiles and furniture that are made of nat- ural fibers or have a lot of plant images printed on them. Plants and planters will be big, and the planters can be pieces of unique decoration rather than just something in which a plant can sit. Bringing nature inside is, again, another trend that is about pro- viding calm and feeding the soul. For decorators, this may mean creating furniture pieces that incorporate natural fibers; focusing on nature images in designs or color choices; or finding unique shapes made of stone or pottery that can be suitably decorated. Upcycling — Everything old is becoming new again, or at least being refurbished so it can continue to be used. is is where repairing torn upholstery or reupholstering an old piece of furni- ture that looks a bit shabby is the alternative to simply replacing the piece. e idea is to make what's already in use look new so it can be used for years to come. is trend offers the opportu- nity for patches to make an impact. Embroidering or sublimating new fabric to be used to re-cover an older piece of furniture may be another chance for a sale. Creating a custom vinyl wrap for a chest of drawers or a trunk might also be an option. e goal here is to use the techniques you have available to make some- thing old and worn look new. Handcrafted sourcing — As the supply chain remains snarled and the pandemic and its aftermath have complicated shipping schedules, many people have turned to nearby suppliers. In the home decor market that means looking for local makers who can create items for quick pick-up or delivery. For decorators, this means making sure that local customers know what you do and where you are. It also means making sure your supply chains can deliver quickly and that you have enough stock on hand to cover orders when they arrive. It may also mean partnering with a local delivery service to do deliveries or making those deliveries yourself. e idea is to be a convenient and quick partner. is is also a trend that could be well served by partnering with a local interior decorator who could connect you with clients looking for services like the ones you offer. GP

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