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01. Wall, column and permanent building utility outlets are not part of booth space and are not to be used by media organizations or the exposition services provider unless specified otherwise. Electrical panels or other equipment in column recesses may not be blocked at any time. 02. All equipment regardless of source of power must meet federal, state and local safety codes. The Convention Center reserves the right to refuse electrical connection of equipment based on safety. 03. Claims will not be considered unless filed by exhibitors prior to close of show. 04. Prices are based on current wage rates and are subject to change without notice. 05. All equipment must be properly tagged and wired with complete information as to type of current, voltage, phase, cycle, horsepower, etc. The Convention Center will not be responsible for power failure or voltage fluctuation. 06. All material and equipment furnished by the Convention Center for electrical service orders shall remain the Convention Center's property and shall be removed only by Convention Center personnel at the close of the show. 07. Convention Center electricians are authorized to cut floor coverings, to permit installation of service and to maintain floor pit systems. No exceptions will be made in this area. Failure to comply may result in loss of service order. Workspace layouts are prepared by convention management or media organizations, not the Convention Center. 08. All media-provided electrical cords must be of the three-wire grounding type, suitable for installation. "Zip" cord or Romex are not allowed. All exposed non-current carrying metal parts of fixed equipment, which may become energized, shall be grounded. 09. Rates quoted for all connections cover only the bringing of service to the booth in the most convenient manner and do not include connecting equipment or special wiring. All work performed within the booth will be charged on a time and material basis. 10. Advance orders must be received a minimum of 14 days prior to 1st day of show move-in date. 11. Payment must accompany order. No exceptions please. Notice of cancellation must be received prior to scheduled move-in in order to receive credit. Credit will not be given for services installed and not used. 12. Lighting levels for move-in and move-out will be at 50 percent. Exhibit halls are not air conditioned during move-in and move-out. 13. Media organizations are not allowed access to floor pits at any time. 14. Floor rate prices apply to orders received after the due date (14 days prior to 1st day of show move-in date). The Convention Center does not guarantee service prior to show opening for late orders. All requirements exceeding the rate schedule must be priced and approved by the Convention Center prior to ordering. 15. Power will not be installed until payment is received. No expectations. 16. Motor and equipment prices are for ordered power sources only. Hook-ups are not included. No receptacles of any kind are provided by the Convention Center. Media organizations may supply their own receptacles. Labor for electrical work on equipment, including repairs, tracing malfunctions, fishing cable under carpet, and hook-ups provided by Convention Center electricians, will be charged at the prevailing rate ($85.00 per hour, one hour minimum). If floor plans are received in advance (14 days prior to 1st day of show move-in date), every attempt will be made to work with the decorator to install cable under the carpet. 17. Exhibitor technicians are permitted to perform all electrical work inside booths, including hook-ups, to ordered power sources. All work must conform to national and local codes and is subject to inspection by Convention Center personnel. 18. Labor rates are based on nine hour days, typically from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Booth labor will be charged an overtime rate after 5 p.m. at the rate of 1.5 times the normal rate. 19. Larger lights such as Leiko lights can be ordered from the Convention Center's preferred in-house audio visual production contractor. For information on services and pricing call 704.339.6180. 20. All power 100 amps and below are typically brought to booths through the floor pit system, located 30 feet on center throughout exhibit halls. Air and water lines are not directed from overhead. 21. The Convention Center's power is 120/208 or 277/480 volts, three phase, five wire wye. Other voltages are not available unless step-up or step-down transformers are provided by the licensee. Rates run the duration of the show. Power, air and water are available 24 hours. 22. Will you require a Convention Center electrician? YES NO ELECTRICAL SERVICES ORDER FORM Electrical Rules & Regulations 501 south college street + charlotte nc 28202 + phone 704.339.6000 + 1 Effective January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023

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