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BASIC INTERNET, NOT FOR STREAMING QTY INCENTIVE* BASE ON-SITE TOTAL Includes: 1 Private IP Address, Routers PROHIBITED and will not work 1.5 Mbps Burstable To 3 Mbps (DHCP), Intended for light Internet usage $895 $1,140 $1,368 Additional Device(s), Per Device Up to 4 [6 or more available online] $185 $220 $255 DEDICATED INTERNET, FOR STREAMING, GAMING & WEBCAST QTY INCENTIVE* BASE ON-SITE TOTAL Includes: 5 Private IP Addresses, Routers SUPPORTED Dedicated 3 Mbps $2,974 $3,715 $4,457 Dedicated 6 Mbps $5,015 $6,269 $7,523 Dedicated 10 Mbps $6,673 $8,339 $10,006 Dedicated 15 Mbps $9,945 $12,436 $14,923 Dedicated 20 Mbps $13,175 $16,473 $19,768 Upgrade to 29 Public Static IP Addresses $846 $1,015 $1,219 Higher bandwidth services available for uhd streaming INTERNET EQUIPMENT & LABOR QTY INCENTIVE* BASE ON-SITE TOTAL Switch Rental – up to 24 ports $157 $191 $230 Patch Cable (up to 100') – Cat5e $43 $53 $63 Labor / Floor Work – four lines per hour $106 $106 $106 Distance Fee for each Internet line delivered outside the facility $500 $500 $500 WIRELESS INTERNET, Full products catalog available online SPECIAL QUOTE, Attachment A or Statement of Work (if applicable) I hereby acknowledge the above listed on-site authorized contact is permitted to make on-site changes to my order. I also acknowledge any change to my order could result in the credit card on file being charged. Upon execution of this document the Customer hereby authorizes Smart City Networks to provide services as requested herein, is authorized to request such services and acknowledges full and complete understanding of the Terms and Conditions. SUBTOTAL ESTIMATED 10% TAX/FEES GRAND TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND AUTHORIZATION OF ORDER Printed Name: Signature: Date: (X) _____________________________________ (X) ____________________________________________ ____ /____ /____ PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO THE EVENT When your order is processed, you will receive an email with a link to Smart City Networks payment portal where you can pay via credit card. Make checks payable to SMART CITY NETWORKS Send completed form(s) with payment to: 5795 W. Badura Avenue, Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89118 © 2021 Smart City Networks. All Rights Reserved. Effective August 9, 2021– December 31, 2022- V080921A INTERNET SERVICE CONTRACT CHARLOTTE CONVENTION CENTER *INCENTIVE RATE APPLIES TO ORDERS RECEIVED WITH PAYMENT 14 DAYS PRIOR TO 1ST DAY OF SHOW MOVE-IN You may reach us with questions at: Call (888) 446-6911 • Email: Order online at: Or fax order to (702) 943-6001 Customer Number: Exhibitor Company Name: Booth/Room#: Show Name: Billing Company Name: Show Start Date: Show End Date: Billing Company Address: INCENTIVE ORDER DEADLINE: City, State, Zip: Country: On-site Authorized Contact: On-site Cell Number: Contact Name: Phone Number: Contact Email: Cell Number: 14 DAYS PRIOR TO 1ST DAY OF SHOW MOVE-IN

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