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© 2020 Smart City Networks. All Rights Reserved. Effective August 9, 2021– December 31, 2022- V080921A OVERVIEW Smart City is the exclusive provider for wired and wireless services for the Facility and has in operation a comprehensive wireless 802.11 network. The actual maximum bandwidth available depends on how many users are accessing the network simultaneously at any given time dependent upon the type of service purchased. Router, Streaming Applications, VoIP, DHCP, NAT or Proxy Servers are not allowed with this connection. Smart City can engineer custom dedicated network(s) to achieve your company objectives. Please contact us at (888) 446-6911 to discuss your network design. CUSTOM WIRELESS NETWORKS If you require wireless 5 GHz access for application demonstrations, Smart City is able to build a custom 5 GHz wireless network in your booth. Please call Smart City at (888) 446-6911 for a custom wireless quote. INTERNAL NETWORKS Smart City is the exclusive provider of all voice, wired and wireless data services. Wireless Devices not authorized by Smart City are strictly prohibited. Smart City requires all Customers showcasing their wireless products to contact Smart City 21 days prior to the show move-in so that we may engineer a cohesive network operating without interference (all approvals will incur a Wireless Engineering Management Fee). Please provide Smart City with the make and model of your wireless router for network approval (wireless access points without adjustable power outputs cannot be authorized under any circumstances). Wireless devices need to be programmed on-site following Smart City guidelines. CUSTOMER ACCEPTANCE Wireless service is inherently vulnerable to interference from other devices that transmit similar radio frequency signals or that operate within the same frequency spectrum. Smart City does NOT recommend wireless service for mission critical services such as presentations or product demonstrations that can accept a wired connection. Per our Terms and Conditions listed on Smart City's Customer Contract, misuse of any wireless service may result in service interruption to yourself or other Customers and can lead to disconnection of the Customer's equipment. No service refunds will be given. ALL WIRELESS ACCESS POINTS NOT AUTHORIZED BY SMART CITY ARE PROHIBITED. I hereby attest that I understand the limitations and vulnerabilities of the wireless service provided by Smart City. I also understand that if I use this service for any reason including, but not limited to, demonstrating, showcasing or presenting my product(s), Smart City will not be responsible for possible interference that I may experience. Upon receipt of the completed Smart City Contract, Smart City Services will be activated / available for your use. Printed Name: _______________________ Signature: ________________________________ Date: _______________________ Title: _______________________________ Email: ___________________________________ Phone #: _____________________ WIRELESS PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT Company Name: Show: Booth/Room #: Center: Customer / Ref #: You may reach us with questions at: Call (888) 446-6911 • Email: Order online at: Or fax order to (702) 943-6001 Charlotte Convention Center

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