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6 G R A P H I C S P R O • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 3 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M M A T T D I X O N - E X E C U T I V E E D I T O R V I T A L S I G N S PRESIDENT DAVE POMEROY VICE PRESIDENT / AUDIENCE & EVENTS LORI FARSTAD VICE PRESIDENT / FINANCE KORI GONZ ALES, CPA VICE PRESIDENT / CONTENT REGAN DICKINSON DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL SERVICES WOLF BUTLER CEO & OWNER ROBERT H. WIEBER, JR. 10170 Church Ranch Way Suite #401, Westminster, CO 80021 ( 800 ) 669-0424 | ( 303 ) 469-0424 | FAX ( 303 ) 469-5730 W W W.G R A P H I C S - P R O.C O M PRESIDENT DAVE POMEROY EXECUTIVE EDITOR MAT T DIXON DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR MARIE FENNEMA DIRECTOR OF SALES JAMES "RUGGS" KOCHEVAR SENIOR TERRITORY MANAGER – WEST BRANDY JAMISON-NETH TERRITORY MANAGER – MIDWEST SARA REESE TERRITORY MANAGER – NORTHEAST & CANADA KRYSTAL FRANKLIN k TERRITORY MANAGER – SOUTHEAST DESIREE DELFRARI TERRITORY MANAGER – PACIFIC & INTERNATIONAL RYAN APPLEBAUM DIRECTOR, EVENT OPERATIONS JACKIE RAMSIER EXHIBITOR SERVICES MANAGER JOIE MARTIN ART DIRECTOR LINDA CRANSTON SHOWS ART DIRECTOR IVETH GOMEZ SALES SUPPORT SYDNEY BATCH CONTRIBUTING WRITERS PAUL A AVEN GL ADYCH, MAT T CHARBONEAU, JENNIFER COX, STEFANIE GALEANO-Z ALUTKO, CHARIT Y JACKSON, PAUL INGLE, A ARON MONTGOMERY, JOHN MORMAN, HOWARD POT TER, STEPHEN ROMANIELLO, BILL SCHIFFNER, JULIA SCHROEDER, KRISTINE SHREVE, SHELLEY WIDHALM, SHANE WILSON, LON WINTERS, EDITORIAL INTERN NATHAN STROMBERG IN THIS ISSUE: Wall Wraps Page 16 GP+ Team Sports Page 33 Drinkware Page 52 Heat Transfers Page 60 WANT TO KNOW MORE? Feel free to give me a call directly at 720-566-7286 or email me at More Than the Game F ebruary is the month in which the biggest single sporting event in the world takes place, and by that of course I'm referring to the big championship matchup of e Pin Flamingos vs. I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter down at Gary's Bowl-a-Rama just off the highway near the old mall. A true clash of titans. It's also perhaps time to remind everyone of one of my favorite sayings in regard to playing sports: "If you can't play good, at least look good." Pay no attention to the grammar because I only use that saying when I'm not on the editor clock. Teams are back in fashion after a bit of a hiatus with social distancing, and this issue of GR APHICS PRO has a nice assortment of articles in our GP+ special section dedicated to team sports to help you take advantage of the renewed interest in getting back out there with team- mates and winning one for the Gipper. Most people think sporting events when they hear the word "team," so it's important not to let that market slip away from you. From uniforms to accessories to personal- ized apparel, there are countless ways to get involved with the sporting world in your area. I'm sure you've all done your homework and hit up those new pickleball locations popping up around the country. But sports are far from the only place where teams mat- ter. Where there are groups of people, there are people who want to stand out, blend in, or just show off. From the workplace to the playground, there are team sales opportunities everywhere.

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