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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 9 graphics to help tie together the advertis- ing on the whole vehicle. For example, if it's a half-wrap on the back end of the vehicle, we'll also put the company logo or contact info on the doors and maybe a logo on the hood to help tie it all together. Stripes are also effective in doing this. A full wrap covers the entire vehicle, with or without the roof. We don't have a lot of high-rise buildings with people in them looking down on the cars below, so unless the vehicle is shorter or we're cov- ering the existing color of the vehicle, we still consider it a full wrap, even if we don't wrap the roof. Since we specialize in com- mercial wraps, our full wraps are bumper- to-bumper and top-to-bottom but don't include the door jambs or other intricate areas that are typically covered on full- color wraps. We explain to the customer that they may see the vehicle's existing color in certain areas; our pricing reflects this difference too. Budget To determine the customer's coverage, we have to look at their budget, company Scrolling samples of our work in the lobby help us point out coverage options. Partial wraps plus spot graphics are a simple way to create effective advertising while adding visual interest.

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