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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 2 7 — at least not a reason they can convey to you verbally? is sub- liminal detail would have been something you needed to discover during the logo design interview process. ere, you would have learned that "pea soup green" was a color they hated in all cir- cumstances. Perhaps it was a color that represented a bad time in the client's life. You would have never known this without ask- ing a certain number of questions up front, such as: "Are there any colors you simply do not want to use, and which colors are your absolute favorite?" In my honest opinion, be firm on this black and white grayscale process. e client may want you to include colors too early in the process, so don't give in. Own the process, own the sale, and own the successful design. Which questions should I ask before I start designing? Knowing your client's company history, the owner's history, and what their marketing objectives are is important to coming up with ideas they will relate to. Here are some ways to prepare: 1) Research your client before you meet, and don't ask any ques- tions that aren't already answered on their website. at question tells your customer, "You are too busy to do your pre-sale research of their company, which you are hoping to create a logo for." 2) Determine if they are expanding outside of their market share, such as offering a new service or product. ose details may need to be reflected in the new logo! 3) Never interrogate your client, no matter how long you have known them. ese questions must be asked in a conversational style, where you are having a fulfilling discussion with them, and your questions are being answered indirectly. Interrogating the client is the fastest way to crash a worthwhile relationship of trust. So, in closing, the key to designing a usable logo that will fit into 99% of your client's marketing needs comes down to your planning it up front, and taking control of the design process. Pay close attention to the client's current and future uses and the sizes that will be needed, and do your best to stay under three colors. Contrast and readability are the married couple of logo design, and just like the statue of the couple is at the center of the wed- ding cake, so must it be with the logo design. GP Four Steps to Creating Creative Logos: "I look at their future marketing wishes, and what they are doing now. I then look at their opportunities, and decide if a round, square, or rectangular logo will work best." Open-Architecture Handle large, heavy and irregular shaped objects with ease. No Heavy-lifting Needed Focus your laser directly to the material with the adjustable z-axis. Add Emotional Value to Your Products! Visit or call 800-585-8617. With AP Lazer 24/7-365 US & Canada Based Tech Support Larger Engravings, Larger Profit.

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