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With one quick click, here's what's going to happen. You'll be introduced to Millcraft's newly rebranded "Apparel Solutions" and discover that – even more than a beauti- fully designed, sleek, and gorgeous web- site – what you've really been introduced to is a bleeding-edge opportunity. With one quick click, you'll see how your business can position itself to profit in one of the fastest-growing segments in print to- day, Direct to Garment (DTG), with Millcraft's experience and trusted expertise to guide your success within this new vertical. Revolutionary Technologies Millcraft is a time-honored legacy com- pany with more than 100 years of experi- ence in the print market; DTG technology is barely 20 years old. The commercializa- tion of direct-to-garment printing didn't even begin until 2001. Yet the market has since gained immense popularity and experienced continual growth. Within the digital print market that is forecast to grow by 65% over the next 10 years and top $230 billion by 2029, DTG is today one of the fastest-growing segments in print. Millcraft President and CEO Travis Mlakar says, "As our customers' needs evolve, Millcraft continues to diversify and grow as a vibrant company, adding to our re- sources and infrastructure to help our cus- tomers. Millcraft has been able to amass experience, hire textile industry experts, and build relationships within the apparel decorating segment. We're well positioned to support our customers and guide them through growing and diversifying their busi - nesses." Complementary Vertical At the industry forefront, Millcraft's newly rebranded Apparel Solutions envelops DTG, Direct to Film (DTF), and a multitude of capacities within the apparel decorating space. Millcraft Apparel Solutions Sales Man- ager Eric Deem says DTG technology is new enough that many commercial print shops haven't yet considered adding ap- parel to their print businesses – they don't yet see how it applies to them. "Shops are printing flyers, business cards, pamphlets, trifolds, banners, and they're kind of in their own lane. Many of them have never even seen a T-shirt get print- ed." Deem, who brings nearly 20 years of experience in DTG and apparel solutions to Millcraft, says the conversation heats up when he asks: How would you like to add another $100,000 GP to your bottom line this year, working about four hours a day? "They begin to understand how apparel can be profitable and complementary to their al- ready existing print-on-demand business. If you're looking to diversify, adding apparel to your organization makes sense," Deem says. "Apparel is complimentary. It's not like you're selling print jobs and now also sell- ing cars. Apparel printing makes sense to your existing print-on-demand business; it becomes another tool in your toolbox and another revenue stream. Millcraft offers our customers the opportunity to get into a very rapidly growing segment, and in its infancy." Apparel Solutions With industry-leading Epson printing equipment, plotters, and operational soft- ware for fast speeds, sharp, vibrant im- ages, and quick ROI for small businesses to large companies, Millcraft's Apparel Solutions provides clear answers to the questions of today's print companies: We see technology changing; we're looking to grow into new areas; we need to diver- sify. What's our best move? Deem says the Millcraft team has an un- precedented level of experience and ex- pertise to help businesses grow in advan- tageous apparel solutions. "We're able to not only introduce them to new technol- ogy, but to walk them through their best buying decisions based on what they need and show them how to operate their business with this new technology." Deem continues, "We develop relation- ships with our customers, and we're here to assist with installation, training, and sup- port. From providing customers with an optimal workflow to expertly calculated ROI, Millcraft has the capacity and experi- ence to help you create and operate your business more successfully with this new technology." One Quick Click Mere seconds from now, with just one quick click, you'll be introduced to revolu- tionary technologies for people who print – equipment that creates ROI 10x invest- ment at lightning speed, wire-to-wire ex- pertise that ensures success – Millcraft's newly rebranded Apparel Solutions. More than a beautifully designed, sleek, and gorgeous website, you'll see in viv- id color (and before your competitors, click quickly) the bleeding-edge oppor- tunity that is now at your fingertips with Millcraft's Apparel Solutions, available at One Quick Click If your print business is looking to grow and diversify (and add $100K to your bottom line this year), make one quick click with Millcraft today. P A I D A D V E R T I S I N G

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