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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M M A R C H 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 1 9 By breaking the expansion/moving plan into manageable chunks, working with my team, and adjusting plans on the fly as needed we are going to take this company to a whole new level this year. Once we moved our two designers out to their new office it freed up space to cre- ate an office for our design manager up front next to our showroom. is was a huge bonus since at least once or twice a day customer service needs to ask him design questions. After we moved the breakroom, we were able to create an office for our ship- ping and receiving manager. She will now have a quieter space to plan all schedules out and additional space to help organize mail-outs for the day, which is a huge help. e room we used for sublimation in our original building was one we never thought we could move, but once we moved the lasers into the new building, we started moving all of the supplies out. All we had left then were the heat presses. We quickly discovered we could move two of them out by the screen-printing area and reroute air lines to them and move the other press out into the new building. So, we plan on DTF taking over one-third of our current screen printing area, which means our screen printing crew will have less work and will be able to take on heat pressing as needed. Then, all the plaques, name badges, mouse pads and more could be moved out to the new building to handle all of that out there. is now opened up another 200 square feet we did not plan on having. I want to touch on something very important: how I was able to make this happen. ough I had a plan I was never truly alone during this process. While doing so I would bounce my ideas off our employees and we would come up with a better plan each time. Even though I am the boss I'm not the one working in their space every day, so it is important to always make them part of the process. By taking a step back, breaking the expansion/moving plan into manage- able chunks, working with my team, and adjusting plans on the fly as needed we are going to take this company to a whole new level this year. Keep making moves, everyone! GP Choose from 18-, 30-, 54- and 78-inch wide models. Quickly add one or multiple heating chambers and extend the conveyor belt to multiply capacity in direct proportion to each module added. Vastex LittleRed XD-Series dryers rocket ink temps up to 320°F in the first several inches of conveyor travel and hold at-cure temps longer for the highest possible rates. Cure 185+ garments/hr DTG printed with white ink, 555+ with pretreatment or screen printed water-based ink or discharge, or 1080+ screen printed with plastisols. ALL DTG INKS, PRETREAT, DTF ADHESIVES, SCREEN PRINTED INKS, AND DISCHARGE —WAY FASTER, USING LESS ENERGY +1-610-625-2702 SALES@VASTEX.COM VASTEX.COM LL-0379 Lo-E uses 20% less energy! NEW! NEW! LL-0379_CURE_20230131_1300.indd 1 LL-0379_CURE_20230131_1300.indd 1 GP0323 STAHLS.COM | 800.478.2457 UltraColor ® MAX is the fastest full color transfer solution for apparel decorators. Say YES! to orders of any size. SEND US YOUR ART & ORDER TODAY ⊲

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