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3 6 G R A P H I C S P R O • A P R I L 2 0 2 3 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M S U B L I M A T I O N M y dad was a practicing veterinar- ian for 54 years. Growing up, I was surrounded by a variety of pets and ani- mals and was often my dad's assistant for late-night emergency cases at his clinic. I likely would have become a veterinarian if it weren't for my love of electrical engi- neering that later morphed into a passion for sublimation transfer. Being a pet lover, I must say that it has been very satisfying to have a way to create personalized items for my pets and for the pets of my close family and friends. Areas where you can boost your bottom line B Y W . D A V I D G R O S S David Gross is the president of Condé Systems, Inc. For over 30 years, David's goal has been to provide business owners with the superior guidance and resources needed to be successful at these exciting and profitable decorating technologies. Gross has co-authored several books, including "The Sublimation Journal." He can be reached by email at Pet Products Early in my sublimation career (which is at 31 years now), I mostly produced fun and practical pet-related products such as ID tags, leashes, and collars. e most satisfaction I received, however, was from memorializing pets that have gone to pet heaven by creating loving tributes to them on slate, metal, or glass. Currently on my bedside table is a photo of my deeply missed golden retriever, Sofie. Sublimation was a great way to combine my favorite photo of her with text to cre- ate an impressive and lasting tribute. Our current dog, Barron, is a 140-pound Saint Bernard that has been on two of Condé's livestreams over the years. I've produced several ID tags for him and, as you can imagine, I have a long list of products that I plan to make for him in the future. Are you crazy for your pets or do you know someone who is? In this article, I want to help you sell into the pet mar- ket by sharing with you my best pet-re- lated products and detail a few marketing ideas that will help you identify profitable groups of pet lovers and pet-related busi- nesses. As always, follow your sublima- tion passion! Sublimation Success: Rodolfo models his latest birthday apparel. Pet owners are spending more money than ever to treat their pets. (Image courtesy Brandy Jameson-Neth) (Image courtesy of Condé)

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