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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M J U N E 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 1 5 "Simply put, digital signage solutions deliver visitor entertainment and support ongoing activities and changes not found in traditional signs. is is all done while ensuring brand integrity and synching in seamlessly with the rest of the signage pro- gram. It's very important to note to our customer that we are not in the business of selling hardware. Our success is based on relentless focus on our software devel- opment that provides simplicity, consis- tency, clarity, quality, and innovation. Most clients are not capable of or have the resources to create and maintain what we can provide for them." As with most new technologies, digi- tal has often been an afterthought. e future is getting architects and designers on board with this from the get-go. e design and fabrication of the kiosk or dis- play unit of a standalone or wall mounted unit can be enhanced with architectural elements in the rest of the sign system. Design elements, graphics, logos and typography can be provided to the digi- tal company, like TouchSource, to include those elements in the software design for consistency. "We are already seeing even greater potential for this technology moving for- ward. For example, for large hospitals or campus, we can provide an application for the visitor's phone to provide on-the-go cur- rent location and direction information." Where do we go from here? Larger companies in our industry can handle the complete design, manufac- turing, and installation of these projects. For smaller companies that may special- ize in printed wall coverings or ADA sig- nage there is the ability to work success- fully with a plethora of wholesale prod- uct companies and partner with specialty installers. Often a wall covering installer is not comfortable installing ADA signs and vice versa. You can bet a specialty digi- tal technician will likely not touch either. Small to medium sized print and signage companies wanting to test the waters with this type of work may want to reach out and market their fabricating and installa- tion services to architects, designers, and larger sign companies. If successful, tran- sitioning an in-house person for design and another for project management to coordinate the complexity of these pro- grams can then be justified. is is a very fluid discipline filled with age-old questions of figuring out where to go, combined with every evolving tech- nology. row in some amazing design challenges with architectural and deco- rative components and you have the inte- rior architectural sign Holy Grail. Going to work will never be boring! GP Digital signage solutions deliver visitor entertainment and support ongoing activities and changes. JPPLUS.COM | 1-800-869-7800 | ORDERS SHIP SAME DAY WHEN PLACED BY 4 PM EST Shop now at! Scan this code to start shopping. ADA-Compliant Sheet, Raster Spheres, Braille Pen, Mounting Hardware and More!

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