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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M J U N E 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 2 1 be off. e piece would have to be thrown out and redone. Print names on each board for a larger rollout Keying the rout file is effective if there are a few sheets that need to be print and cut. What happens if there are 40 unique prints that are different sizes and shapes? Keying the fiducials should still be done. In addition, a clean naming system should be incorporated so the CNC operator can look at the print, look at the file and know exactly which file to open. We typically type the name of the file so it prints on the board. Something like San Francisco Window A. e .PDF should be named the same exact way the type reads on the board with the printed piece. is will save a lot of guesswork with your CNC operator when they are opening rout files. Rout file same size as the board What should be done if you have to print and cut pieces the same width or height of the board? A good example would be quantity of two 48" × 36" prints on a sheet of 4' × 8' × 1/2" Gator Foam. We need to bleed to the edge and still rout-cut the file to size. ere are three possible scenarios to execute this … • Option 1: Print the 4' length of the graphic along the 8' board with fiducial marks, then CNC the print. is would work, but only yield one piece per sheet. It would result in a loss of profit or over- charging your customer. Producing the job this way could also make your com- pany lose the bid in the first place due to cost. • Option 2: Rout the foam board first and then print direct to the routed piece. You would have to add some bleed to ensure full coverage. If your customer is picky they might not be happy with over- spray from the bleed on the sides of the board. is process would also have addi- tional handling and print time to achieve the same results. e yield from the board would be two pieces as opposed to option 1. • Option 3: Print the quantity of two 48" × 36" pieces utilizing the 48" width of the board. Add bleed so the graphic prints off the edge of the board on the 48" width. Apply fiducial marks on the board appropriately. e trick to do this is create the rout file at 50" width x 36" height. e idea being the 36" height will be routed and the 48" width will simply be the edges of the board uncut by the CNC. e CNC will rout along the 48" width and continue 1" off each side. It will sim- ply rout on the table along the 36" height and plunge back into the board. is way you will be left with a perfect 48" × 36" print. Preparation and a full understanding of the process is the key for anyone's print-and-cut workflow. KERNLASERS.COM KERN MEANS PRECISION • Large Format CO2 Laser • Cut|Engrave|Mark • Metals & Non-Metals

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