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2 4 G R A P H I C S P R O • J U N E 2 0 2 3 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M S I G N A G E & P R I N T I N G E tchings by Emma, located in Chandler, Arizona, and owned by Emma Reum, has been growing since its inception in 2017. She started out in the wedding industry, creating everything she made by hand, but as that industry began to revive after the pandemic, she knew she couldn't keep up with the increasing pace of the industry if she only did hand lettering. In 2022, she experimented to see if UV printing would help her speed things up and keep her work at the standard she wanted, and she found success. For her U V print production, she purchased a Roland DG LEC2-330S F-200 f latbed UV printer. "We chose this printer because of its size and price point," Reum says. "It can print up to 29" × 59", and my largest seat- ing chart is 30" × 48". I didn't want to invest in a smaller machine and then wish I chose a bigger one that would work for my largest signs." e addition of the printer has allowed her to do precise, quick work for an ever-growing customer base. She still gets to design by hand with her iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, which she then moves over to her laptop to finish the designs in Adobe Illustrator. Her workflow is done in the following steps: • Receive all info from clients to create files • Design and make files in Adobe Illustrator on the MacBook Pro • Once multiple revisions are done and approved by the client, export them as an EPS file to a folder in iCloud UV Flatbed UV Flatbed Printing Printing Etchings by Emma takes the wedding market by storm with UV flatbed printing B Y N A T H A N S T R O M B E R G Nathan Stromberg is an editorial/content intern for GRAPHICS PRO. Nathan is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a double major in communication studies and journalism, emphasizing public relations. SIGNATURE WORK WITH Some larger-scale signs that Reum made for a wedding near the end of 2022. (All photos courtesy of Emma Reum)

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