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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M J U N E 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 3 1 chalky finish to the paint, which often happens on older vehicles. We've found the best way to remove this is to fill a bucket with warm water and orange cleaner. Using a window squeegee, we brush on the soapy solution and squeegee it off, then we wipe the vehicle down with a dry towel. e chalky finish washes off quickly this way. An alcohol wipe-down follows this whole process. Another thing to consider when prepar- ing for an installation is the time it takes to roll and label graphics that are sent to you. Usually, the graphics arrive in one or more boxes with all the graphics rolled onto one tube. ese big rolls have to be laid out and re-rolled into the individual panels. Each rolled panel must be clearly marked using the provided proofs and, hopefully, labeling on the vinyl. We also note on the proof where the panels fall and how we labeled them to keep the process as clear as possible. Some companies provide the spot graph- ics already cut down to individual pieces, but often we receive them all nested together on a big sheet. We have to cut them out, label them, and sort them by the side of the vehicle to keep it all clear. Obstacles We remove as many obstacles as possible on commercial wraps to speed up installa- tion. Depending on the number of parts removed, we get a box for each side or for the whole truck to keep all the parts and hardware together. For this Veterans Center truck, we were able to remove many parts on the cab of the truck easily, which not only made installation faster but also improved the finish of the final install. On the back of the truck was a ladder that we knew we couldn't remove, but there were sup- port bars in the middle of the ladder that should have come off so we could wrap behind the ladder in one large panel. Unfortunately, there were stripped screws in some of these bars, and we couldn't remove them. is increased the number of panels we had to do behind the ladder and made the installation take longer. e removal — or lack of removal — of obsta- cles can be challenging to figure out ahead of time, but time should still be budgeted for this step in the vehicle prep process. Obstacles will also increase the time spent trimming. Properly trimming around doors, handles, hinges, awnings, lights, and other parts adds a lot of time to the installation process. is is also a part of the process that can set a poor instal- lation apart from an excellent one. It also directly affects the durability of the instal- lation. GP There were a few things that I missed that made a big difference in the overall time it took us to complete the installation. Indianapolis, IN June 14 • 4-8 p.m. (doors open at 3) AARON MONTGOMERY Our Success Group Aaron's presentation – Planting the Seeds of Success: Achieving Your Goals with Clarity and Confidence ANGELICA BROADNAX Angel B. Designs Angel B's presentation: Build Your Brand: How to Make Sales and Influence People LORI CHAMPAGNE Champagne Engraving Lori's presentation: Keeping Peace and Profitability in Your Home-Based Business TITLE SPONSORS TABLE SPONSORS Go to for more information or check the QR Code P R E S E N T E R S

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