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3 6 G R A P H I C S P R O • J U N E 2 0 2 3 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M S T A R T H E R E in the world of apparel decoration, but it has been a creative force for heat press decorators. DT F a llows for f u ll-color designs and can produce high-quality, detailed images. When screen printers must price jobs by considering a handful of different variables, the DTF doesn't care about any of it. Does your client need an 11-color left front chest on nine shirts? Design it, print it, press it. Can you imagine the cost if this was screened? One of the benefits of DTF printing is that it can be used on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends. Plus, the resulting design is soft to the touch and has a matte finish. DTF prints are extremely lightweight and leave little to no feel on the apparel. One of the best parts about the DTF technology is that you can allow for stand- alone text on your graphics. Previously, a heat press product design would have to be contained, connected, or be surrounded by a larger outline because the fine designs and text were too small to weed. The cons of the DTF prints are that larger prints feel funny, for lack of a bet- ter term. Matte finish and soft feel, true, but a larger 11" × 7" full front logo on a cotton tee isn't going to have the same feel as your screen-printed garment. It just doesn't. Also, just like anything else, operator error can wreak havoc on DTF prints. If prints are not heat applied correctly or to manufacturer suggestions, they can go bad quickly. Peeling, cracking, or just fall- ing off completely. I would recommend a lot of trial-and-error testing before DTF becomes a part of your arsenal. Moreover, don't forget about ventilation and the use of gloves and a mask when working with the powder, if you're print- ing DTF in-house. Better safe than sorry with any airborne chemicals, right? Heat-applied rhinestones Don't think you won't get into rhine- stones and glitter. If you want to get on any pom, dance, or cheer mom's good side, you better offer up rhinestones and glitter. This is a sheet of thermal film cut names. It is still a staple for individualized team and fan apparel for sports teams. DTF print for a performance hooded sweatshirt. Looks amazing on poly, and with a bottom heat platen, you can't see your press marks on the front of the garment. Custom Team 3D embroidered heat-applied patches. Custom Team 3D embroidered patch being applied on the left chest of a performance quarter zip. 3D patch applied to team hats. Get the whole team look with heat-applied patches. Not only can you use the same patches on different garments. One can free up your embroidery machines for larger orders.

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