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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M J U N E 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 4 1 of your projects. Weeding can prove tedious. You may want to consider a light table to lay the cut vinyl on which will help you see the weeding lines better. Get creative: Now it's time to start designing! Start by sketching out some ideas first before transferring them onto the computer screen for fur- ther refinement with digital tools like the ones mentioned above. Keep experiment- ing until you find something that reso- nates with your target audience — try dif- ferent colors, shapes, patterns, and tex- tures until you're confident with the final outcome. Don't forget to save each itera- tion so that you can go back and refine if needed later on, too! Test you r design: You should always print out a small sample ver- sion first before committing to an entire sheet of HTV. is allows you to make sure everything looks good from both sides and check for any poten- tial problems like unsatisfactory cuts. With a little hard work, determination, and patience, anyone can create stunning HTV products that are sure stand out from competitors in their marketplace! Examples: shopping, grilling, and snacking Let's take a look at three HTV projects that are simple to make, don't require a large heat press, and offer a quick turn- around for maximizing profits. HTV tote bags are a one-size-fits-all job that can be as challenging as the design you put on it. To keep things simple, let's find a funny yet simple design that will sell to most of your customers. Our design says: "Let me SHOP and no one gets hurt." We used a bold font that will weed well and look great on a tote bag. It is eas- ier and more profitable if you keep your design one color. We chose a basic color, though you could upgrade the design and thereby charge more if you used glitter or another specialty type of HTV. We set the size, mirror the design, then send it to the cutter. Be sure to place the vinyl shiny side down on the mat. Once the vinyl design is cut out, remove the vinyl from the mat, then weed away the excess. A pro tip here is to pre-press the bag prior to adhering the vinyl to the bag. It removes excess undetected moisture that will lessen the life of the vinyl design on the bag. Apply the design right-side up to the pre-pressed tote bag. You may have to apply heat tape to the HTV to hold it in place. Now you're ready to press the vinyl design at the recommended time and temperature as recommended by the heat transfer vinyl supplier. Peel away the car- rier sheet, and you now have a completed bag ready to sell! You can easily create multiple one-color designs and allow the customer to choose the design they would prefer. After a quick press, you've made a customer happy! Another simple project that can be eas- ily customized for a quick profit is an apron. Aprons are also a one-size-fits-all job. ere are thousands of designs you could find that would make an easy sale. Summertime is the time for grilling, so let's look at another simple one-color design that would work for most of your customers. is design says Grillin' and Chillin', and we'll use the same chunky font that cuts and weeds easily. Follow the exact same procedures as the tote bag, and be sure to pre-press the apron as well. In a similar fashion, you can create multiple one-color designs that your customers can choose from to create their ideal custom apron. You can easily cut the HTV down to the size you need for the design. This saves on waste. Once the HTV has been pressed, peel the clear carrier sheet away, leaving your custom design behind! 3 4

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