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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M J U N E 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 8 1 e second aspect of the law and chil- dren's clothing that we shouldn't for- get is the Consumer Product Safet y Improvement Act (CPSIA). A lot of times, when people think of this act, they mostly think of subjects like flammable fabric in children's sleepwear, but it covers more than that. CPSIA requires that all chil- dren's products, including clothing, meet minimum federal safety requirements. T he reg u lat ions i mpac t clot h i ng intended for children 12 and younger. Requirements of CPSIA may be of par- ticular interest to screen printers, as they discuss things such as the allowable levels of lead in coatings—like ink—that may be used on a garment. CPSI A also has added requirements about third-part y testing, requiring the use of Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC)-accepted labs, the issuing of certificates of conformity, and the affixing of permanent tracking labels on children's products. One important provision of CPSIA is the requirement for a Children's Product Certificate (CPC), in which a manufac- turer or importer certifies that their prod- uct complies with all applicable regula- tions. A CPC is issued after third-party testing, generally in a CPSC-approved lab. A CPC must be provided to, or available to be accessed by, each company that uses the manufacturer's or importer's product. According to the law, decorators are con- sidered manufacturers since they alter the garment by adding decoration; how- ever, you may be able to avoid some of the requirements of the law by registering as a small batch manufacturer. To be considered a small batch manu- facturer, a company must certify that total gross revenue for all products from the prior calendar year is less than $1,337,894, and that they've produced 7,500 units or less. Being certified as a small batch man- ufacturer will not exempt a business from all of the law's provisions, but it can help. Keep in mind that a business must register with the CPSC to be granted an exemption from third-party testing. GP (Images courtesy of Love That Cotton) Fast Change Frames Sell More Graphics! • Signage changes are FAST & EASY - sell more graphics and signs • ANY size frame, LOW prices • Made in Chicago for QUICK turnaround • NO MINIMUMS: 1 or 10,000 • Many color and profile choices • FREE shipping on orders over $75 to US States. Manufacturing NEW LED edge lit frames Any Size, Any Color 1 Minimum American Owned American Made 0822-EPILOG_gp_6th-maker.pdf 1 9/8/22

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