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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M J U N E 2 0 2 3 • G R A P H I C S P R O 8 7 any more than that! Full front with matching back featuring all the parks they will be playing in; sort of a rock-n- roll tour shirt feel. B ot h side s were s t r a i g ht for w a rd designs. is client provided portions of art that were built layer upon layer as they are not concerned about the separations at the creative stage. ere was art hiding behind other art and mystery paths inter- secting that would require some work. We worked in Adobe Illustrator in vector format. For a workable file and to turn all the strokes into paths, we selected the art, pulled down Object and flattened trans- parency. Using Pathfinder, we merged what we needed and cut the parts we did not. After grouping colors appropriately and separating on sublayers we made them spot colors. Here we were able to isolate areas and remove the unwanted noise. Using the Trace feature, we brought in rasterized photos of Mustang and traced out the elements using the black and white option. is removed all the transitional tones and left us with just general shapes all in vector format. e texture, how- ever, left random objects and bits of image floating out along the edges of the circle. We used the Circle Object to select and Divide Objects in the Pathfinder Tool to remove them. Once divided, we manually selected the pieces and parts to be used and or deleted. For the white printer or base plate, we applied a .35 point stroke with rounded corners on the inner path for an overall choke and a gutter between all the colors to keep everything clean and the white from peaking. We also chose to use an 80 percent half- tone under the red and a 60 under the blue to give the inks a place to go. All this was to facilitate maximum wet-on-wet printing with as few flashes as possible. This would also minimize smearing, buildup, and screen cleaning during pro- duction. Because we would be printing on royal as well as black we had to add a black plate. e highlight white would also change to a light blue. Now for some additional back deets ... VOTR has a logo or icon we print on the back of everything we decorate, a sil- houette jumping up to hit a volleyball, which is kinda their Nike Swoosh. We call him the little dude. We have printed him hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of times. We snuck him in on the lower back. We also would get clever with the layout of TOUR. Notice how it's using the same letters from the front VOTR in a dif- ferent order? Once seps were completed, we output to screen on CTS. We ran black first for the royal shirts on a high mesh and then We also would get clever with the layout of TOUR. Notice how it's using the same letters from the front VOTR in a different order? 800-866-7396 Embroidery & Apparel Decoration Business Owners: Are you tired of "winging it"? Join NNEP now to Find Customers, Keep Customers, and Make Money! Try the Joe Logo Marketing System for 90 days for just $150: Struggling with Marketing? Let NNEP do it for you! 330-678-4887

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