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Official Service Contractor Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs) Discount Price Deadline Date July 3rd Method of payment must accompany your order GPX Portland 2023 Oregon Convention Center Portland, OR July 19-20, 2023 13 13 AGS 01/11/13 - 001 AGS Expo Services • 4561 SW 34th Street • Orlando, FL 32811 Phone: 407.292.0025 • Fax: 407.292.4414 Email: Order Online: Discount Price Deadline Date DECEMBER 31st Method of payment must accompany your order OFFICIAL SERVICE CONTRACTOR AGS 01/11/13 - 001 Show management, acting on behalf of all exhibitors and in the best interest of the exposition, has appointed AGS Expo Services as the official service contractor to perform and provide necessary services and equipment. Official service contractors are appointed to: a. Ensure the orderly and efficient installation and removal of the overall exposition. b. Assure the distribution of labor to all exhibitors according to need. c. Provide sufficient labor to satisfy the requirements of exhibitors and for the exposition itself. d. See that the proper type and limits of insurance are enforced. e. Avoid any conflict with local Union and/or exhibit hall regulations and requirements. Exceptions are: f. Supervision may be provided by the exhibitor. g. The exhibitor may appoint an exhibit installation contractor or display builder. Exhibitors may employ the service of independent contractors to install and dismantle their exhibit, providing the exhibitor and the installation and dismantle contractor comply with the following requirements: 1. The exhibitor must notify, in writing, show management and AGS Expo Services of the intention to utilize an independent contractor no later than 30 days prior to the first move-in day by completing the Notification of Intent to Use Non-official Service Contractors Form contained in this Service Manual. 2. The exhibitor shall provide evidence that the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) has a proper certificate of insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage including property damage and Worker's Compensation naming AGS Expo Services as additional insured to show management and AGS Expo Services no later than the deadline date listed for EACs. 3. The exhibitor agrees that they are ultimately responsible for all services in connection with their exhibit including freight, drayage, rentals, and labor. 4. The EAC must have all business licenses, permits, and Worker's Compensation Insurance required by the state and city governments and the convention facility management prior to commencing work and shall provide show management with evidence of compliance. 5. The EAC will share with AGS Expo Services all reasonable costs related to its operation including overtime to pay for stewards' restoration of exhibit space to its initial condition, etc. 6. The EAC will provide AGS with the names of all on-site employees who will be working on the exposition floor and see that they have and wear at all times necessary identification badges as determined by show management or the facility. 7. The EAC must be able to provide evidence that it has a valid authorization from the exhibitor for services. The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor may not solicit business on the exhibit floor. 8. The EAC must confine its operations to the exhibit area of its clients. No service desks, storage areas, or other work facilities will be located anywhere in the building. The show aisles and public spaces are not a part of the exhibitor's booth space. 9. The EAC shall provide, if requested, evidence to AGS Expo Services that it possesses applicable and current labor contracts and must comply with all labor agreements and practices. 10. The EAC must not commit, or allow to be committed by persons in its employment, any acts that could lead to work stoppages, strikes or labor problems. 11. The exposition floor, aisles, loading docks, service, and storage areas will be under the control of the official service contractor, AGS Expo Services. The EAC must coordinate all of its activities with AGS Expo Services. 12. For services such as electrical, plumbing, telephone, cleaning, and drayage, no contractor other than the official service contractor will be approved. This regulation is necessary because of licensing, insurance, and work done using equipment and facilities owned by parties other than the exhibitor. Exhibitors shall provide only the material and equipment they own and to be used in their exhibit space.

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