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Material Handling Information & Rates Discount Price Deadline Date July 3rd Method of payment must accompany your order GPX Portland 2023 Oregon Convention Center Portland, OR July 19-20, 2023 47 47 AGS 01/11/13 - 001 AGS Expo Services • 4561 SW 34th Street • Orlando, FL 32811 Phone: 407.292.0025 • Fax: 407.292.4414 Email: Order Online: MATERIAL HANDLING & RATES The following information has been compiled by AGS for use by exhibitors and all third-party contractors to inform you of rates and rules regarding proper shipping and handling to and from your event. If you require more information regarding specific services or have issues regarding material handling at your event, please call our Event Services Department or contact us via email at SHIPPING INFORMATION Shipment Pick-ups & Deliveries Drivers will be required to record their shipments at the Exhibit Site Check-In Area and then they will be directed to the proper freight door for loading and unloading. This includes access to any POV ramps. Material Handling Order Form Please make sure to submit your Material Handling Order Form to AGS. This will ensure the proper handling of exhibit materials. All shipments delivered to either the exhibit site or the advanced warehouse require a delivery slip showing the number of pieces, weight, and type of merchandise. Surcharges apply to all shipments that arrive without proper piece-count and/ or weight ticket information. This includes bulk consignment carriers such as FedEx and UPS Package. Drivers will be required to submit a CERTIFIED WEIGHT TICKET when recording their shipment at the Exhibit Site Check-In Area. AGS Expo Services reserves the right to refuse such shipments until a certified weight ticket is presented. NOTE: Shipments received without receipts, freight bills, or specified unit counts on receipts or freight bills (e.g. one lot, 800 cu. ft., etc.) from carriers such as FedEx or UPS Package, will be delivered to the exhibitor's booth without guarantee of piece-count or condition. No liability will be assumed by AGS Expo Services for such shipments. In the event no weight is indicated on the documents presented, AGS Expo Services shall estimate the weight and charges will be based on the estimate. These charges will not be subject to adjustment. Please ensure that copies of all shipping information are sent to the person or company in charge of installing your display. This will assist in locating any packages that are missing or fail to arrive. Insurance Be sure your materials are insured from the time they leave your company until they are returned after the event. It is suggested that exhibitors arrange all-risk coverage. This can usually be done by adding riders to existing policies. Each event is different. As a result, certain facilities provide different levels of security for exhibitors and their materials. In most cases, security is arranged by the association or event management but is not always available during certain times of the event. Please take every precaution to secure items in your booth. During move-out, never leave packed materials in your booth unsupervised. AGS always requires exhibitor supervision of outbound packages to ensure their safe transfer. Basic Tips for Shipping • Securely pack all items for shipping and remove old shipping labels. • Fill out and apply shipping labels with appropriate address, company name, booth number, and consign all shipments c/o AGS Expo Services. • Send your Material Handling Order Form to AGS to ensure their arrival. • Check with AGS as to the receipt of your shipped packages. • All shipments must have a bill of lading or delivery slip indicating the number of pieces and weight. • Certified weight tickets must accompany all shipments. • Do not ship loose items to the advanced warehouse. All materials should be packaged appropriately. Basic Tips for Shipping

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