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Terms & Conditions of Contract - Material Handling Services Discount Price Deadline Date July 3rd Method of payment must accompany your order GPX Portland 2023 Oregon Convention Center Portland, OR July 19-20, 2023 65 65 AGS 01/11/13 - 001 AGS Expo Services • 4561 SW 34th Street • Orlando, FL 32811 Phone: 407.292.0025 • Fax: 407.292.4414 Email: Order Online: TERMS & CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT - MATERIAL HANDLING SERVICES AGS 01/11/13 - 001 By acceptance of Goods and/or Services provided by AGS Exposition Services, Inc. and/or its carriers, contractors, and agents of each, Customer and any other party with an interest in, or who is benefited by the Goods and/or Services covered by this Agreement agree to these Terms and Conditions of Contract. AGS TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE SUBJECT TO MODIFICATION OR CHANGE AT AGS' SOLE DISCRETION UPON ADVANCE NOTICE TO ANY PARTIES 1. Scope/Binding Effect: These Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon AGS, Customer, and their respective agents, representatives, Shipper and Consignee, including but not limited to Customer contracted labor such as installation and dismantle companies and personnel, and any other party with an interest in, or who is benefited by the Goods and/ or Services covered by this Agreement. Each shall have the benefit of and be bound by all provisions stated herein, including but not limited to time limitations and limitations of liability. It shall be the Customer's sole obligation to ensure that any such parties described above have received a copy of this Agreement and have consented to these Terms and Conditions. 2. Definitions: "AGS" refers to AGS Exposition Services, Inc., a Florida Corporation, its agents and employees. "Carrier" shall refer to motor carriers, van lines, air carriers, and/or air or surface freight forwarders. "Cold Storage" refers to the holding of Goods in a climate controlled area whether or not said Goods are deemed "perishable". "Consignee" refers to a party to whom goods are shipped. "Customer" shall refer to any exhibitor, event participant, or other party requesting from Goods or Services from AGS. "Goods" refers to exhibits, property, materials, electronic equipment, displays, and commodities of any type for which AGS is requested to provide or otherwise perform Services in relation thereto, such as shipping, drayage, assembly or disassembly in relation thereto. "HAZMAT" refers to those articles, commodities and/or Goods defined as hazardous in 49 CFR Parts 171-177, as amended from time to time. "ICCTA" refers to Part B 49 U.S.C. Sections 13101 – 14914, of the ICC Termination Act of 1995, as amended from time to time. "Services" as referenced herein shall include, but is not limited to: warehousing, storage, transportation, drayage, electrical, rigging, material handling, design, graphics, carpentry, installation and dismantle, logistics and/or all other services provided by AGS and/or its carriers, contractors, and agents of each. "Shipper" shall refer to any party who tenders Goods to Carrier for transportation. 3. Customer Obligations: a. Payment for Services. Customer, Shipper, and Consignee shall be jointly liable for all unpaid charges for services performed by AGS and/or its carriers, contractors, and agents of each. Customer authorizes AGS to charge its credit card directly for Goods and/or Services rendered on Customer's behalf at any time, to include after Customer departure from the event, upon placing its order with AGS on-line, via fax, phone or through a work order on site. b. Credit Terms. All charges are due before Goods are delivered or Services are performed unless other arrangements have been made in advance with AGS. AGS has the right to require prepayment or other written guarantee of the charges at the time of request for Goods and/or Services. A failure to pay timely will result in Customer having to pay in cash in advance for future Goods and/or Services. AGS retains its right to hold Customers' Goods for non-payment and to charge storage and handling fees associated therewith. If a credit card is provided to AGS, AGS is authorized to bill to such credit card at any time for any unpaid charges for Goods and/or Services provided to Customer, including charges for return shipping. Any charges not paid within 30 days of delivery will be subject to interest at 1 ½ % per month until paid. c. HAZMAT Compliance. Customer is obligated to disclose to AGS and Carrier if Customer's packages contain items that are considered HAZMAT. Customer has the obligation to comply with all applicable laws associated with any HAZMAT materials and ensure that each package is properly and

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