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10 1. All decorative materials must be flame proofed or of a type acceptable to the Fire Marshal's Office. Use of bark dust, mulch, chips or hay, etc., is not allowed unless preapproved by the Fire Marshal's office. 2. No flammable gasses, liquids or solids, are allowed in any building, enclosed tent or structure. Two (2) 16.4 oz. bottles of propane are permitted in a booth at any one time. All other bottles must be stored outside the building and secured. 3. Booths with canopies larger than 10' x 10' are not allowed unless approved by the Fire Marshall's Office. All canopied booths must have a working smoke detector properly mounted in the canopy. If cooking in a canopied booth, you must also have a fire extinguisher. 4. Any enclosed structure larger than 100 sq. ft. in floor area must have a working smoke detector properly mounted in the structure. All doors or windows to the structure are to be left open. 5. All natural gas lines used to run a fireplace etc. must have a shut-off valve by the appliance(s) and be accessible. All persons working in the booth shall be instructed in the location and operation of the shut‐ off valves to the appliances and to the building as well. 6. Portable space heaters are not allowed unless approved by the Fire Marshal's Office. 7. Displaying of vehicles requires vehicles to have 1/4 tank or less of fuel in the tank; gas cap must be either locked or taped in place; and battery cables taped or batteries removed. 8. Displaying of any vehicle containing LPG gas propane shall have such containers reduced to atmospheric pressure before bringing them into the building. 9. All exhibitors are to keep all their exhibit items, tables, chairs, etc., within their assigned booth space. Nothing is to be placed in any aisle. 10. Empty cardboard boxes are not to be stored within booths overnight. 11. The exhibitor must relocated obstructions that block utility floor boxes upon request. Revised 5/23/2019

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