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Freight Re-Route Policy Discount Price Deadline Date July 31st Method of payment must accompany your order GPX Long Beach 2023 Long Beach Convention Center Long Beach, CA August 17-19, 2023 54 54 AGS 01/11/13 - 001 AGS Expo Services • 4561 SW 34th Street • Orlando, FL 32811 Phone: 407.292.0025 • Fax: 407.292.4414 Email: Order Online: FREIGHT RE-ROUTE POLICY AGS wants to ensure that your materials reach their intended destination. Therefore, any unconsigned shipments left in the exhibit hall after dismantling hours will be shipped via the official show carrier at the expense of the exhibitor. Please read the important information below to help avoid having your freight re-routed. Driver Check-in: Sunday, August 20th by 9:00 AM Freight Re-Route Time: Sunday, August 20th at 9:01 AM What is Freight Re-Route? A "re-route" occurs when a carrier does not check-in or show up at the dock for the consigned freight. We want to make sure each exhibitor gets their first choice of a carrier and therefore no freight is re-routed until we must move it to complete the contracted move-out agreement between show management, the convention center, and AGS Expo Services. Bill of Lading Each exhibitor is responsible for turning in an AGS Bill of Lading to the AGS Service Center after dismantling is finished and all boxes/crates/materials are packed and labeled. The Bill of Lading is the official "permission" by the exhibitor to allow the removal of freight from the booth to the carrier of choice (personal vehicle, truck, van line, air freight, etc.). Official Show Carrier The official show carrier is on-site as a convenience to exhibitors, and to service show management, and is by no means the only choice available. Exhibitors are welcome to use either the official carrier or an Exhibitor Appointed Carrier. Rates may be negotiated in advance by calling the official show carrier. Other Carriers If freight is consigned to a service carrier other than the official show carrier, that carrier must check-in with the loading dock by the time specified above. Show management, AGS Expo Services, and the official show carrier cannot be responsible for checking with all designated carriers. If you have chosen a carrier other than the official show carrier, we require that someone from your company remain with the shipment until it is picked-up. Many times, a reminder phone call to your carrier will ensure the official time window is adhered to and your freight is picked up successfully. Freight Re-Route Contact In the event that your freight is re-routed by AGS, please contact our Event Services Department during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm at 407.292.0025 to obtain tracking and destination information.

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