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Rental Agreement All equipment rentals are based on event rates and apply to event days only. Equipment rental prices do not include labor, delivery, electrical services, or removal of equipment from your booth. It is understood and agreed that EXHIBITOR is renting PROJECTION equipment for a specified period of time and is responsible for its safe return. EXHIBITOR hereby agrees to use all rental equipment with reasonable care to prevent excessive wear and tear and / or damage to said property. All rental equipment must be returned to PROJECTION in the same condition as it was in at the time of delivery to EXHIBITOR, reasonable wear and tear excluded. EXHIBITOR will immediately notify PROJECTION of any damage to the rental equipment, and EXHIBITOR hereby agrees to be billed for any damage to, or loss of, rental equipment damaged while in EXHIBITOR's care, custody and / or control. In no event shall EXHIBITOR permit any equipment to be used and/or possessed by other exhibiting parties other than the named EXHIBITOR without prior consent of PROJECTION in each instance. Cancellation Cancellation of equipment rental and services must be received 72 hours prior to delivery date to avoid a minimum one-day charge on equipment. If equipment and services have already been provided at the time of cancellation, a handling charge and a minimum one-day charge on equipment will apply. PLEASE NOTE: ALL PAYMENT, INCLUDING APPLICABLE TAX, IS DUE AT THE TIME SERVICES ARE ORDERED. PURCHASE ORDERS ARE NOT CONSIDERED PAYMENT. Payment Terms Full payment, including any applicable tax, is due at the time services are ordered. All payments must be in U.S. dollars. Orders received without advance payment or after the deadline date will incur additional charges as indicated on the order form. All materials and equipment are on a rental basis for the duration of the event and remain the property of PROJECTION except where specifically identified as a sale. It is the EXHIBITOR'S responsibility to advise our Exhibit Service Personnel of any problem with any order, and to check invoices for accuracy prior to the close of the exhibit. If you are exempt from payment of sales tax, PROJECTION requires you to forward an exemption certificate for the state in which the services are to be used. Resale certificate are not valid unless EXHIBITOR is rebilling these charges to its customers. For International exhibitors, PROJECTION requires 100% prepayment of advance orders, and any orders or services placed at show site must be paid at the show. These payment terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the LAWS OF THE STATE OF VA. In the event of any dispute between the EXHIBITOR and PROJECTION relative to any loss, damage, or claim, such EXHIBITOR shall not be entitled to and shall not withhold payment, or any partial payment, due to PROJECTION for its services, as an offset against the amount of any alleged loss or damage. Any claims against PROJECTION shall be considered a separate transaction, and shall be resolved on its own merits. PROJECTION reserves the right to charge EXHIBITOR for the difference between the EXHIBITOR'S estimate of charges and the actual charges incurred by EXHIBITOR, or for any charges that PROJECTION may be obligated to pay on behalf of EXHIBITOR, including without limitation, any shipping charges. Unpaid Balances Should there be any pre-approved unpaid balance after the close of the event, terms will be net, due and payable in Springfield, VA upon receipt of invoice. Effective 30 days after invoice date, any unpaid balance will bear a FINANCE CHARGE at the lesser of the maximum rate allowed by applicable law, or 1.5% per month, which is an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE of 18%, and future orders will be on a prepayment basis only. If any finance charge hereunder exceeds the maximum rate allowed by applicable law, the finance charge shall automatically be reduced to the maximum rate allowed, and any excess finance charge received by PROJECTION shall be either applied to reduce the principal unpaid balance or refunded to the payer. Agreement I HAVE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS Authorized Signature: Date: Company Name: Booth #: Email: Phone: 562-499-7546 Projection is the official in-house audio visual, computer, and video display supplier. Projection will be on-site from set up through dismantle. Rates published are for the entire duration of the event. Advance Rate applies to orders received 15 days before the move-in date. EXHIBITOR AUDIO VISUAL ORDER Long Beach Convention Center

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