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14 n Performance & Hotrod Business n December 2014 Performance fluids PRODUCT FOCUS: from break-in oils to racing oils, diesel additives to coolant system additives, gear oil to transmission fluid, there are plenty of ways to pour in performance for your customers. These consumable products can make a real dif- ference in the longevity and ultimate output of street and race vehicles, and for shops make for an attrac- tive add-on sale. as a trusted professional, you can point drivers in the direction of the perfect blend for their specific application, creating a repeat customer who visits the shop often. The following are some of the latest performance aftermarket fluids available to speed shops and engine builders—see which ones might be liquid gold for your business. Break-In Oil Driven Racing Oil, Huntersville, north carolina, introduces its Br30 conventional 5W- 30 Break-in motor oil, designed to promote proper surface mating of internal engine components. used by Joe Gibbs racing to break-in and dyno all of its race engines, driven Br30 is a conventional 5W-30 formula to be used for the first 400 miles on the street, one night of racing or dyno power pulls. it features high levels of zinc and phosphorus, as well as an additive package that promotes ring seal and protects cams and lifters during the initial break-in process. Brake Fluid Additive Phoenix Systems, st. George, utah, introduces Brakeshot, a brake fluid additive designed to fight corrosion induced by the harmful effects of copper. Brakeshot uses doT guidelines and is specifically formulated to retard copper corrosion in the braking system. it prevents sticking calipers, ailing master cylinders and other aBs braking troubles brought about by corrosion and high copper levels in the brake system. The company's Brakestrip can be used to determine the copper parts per million in the brake fluid. BrakeShot treats up to 1 liter of brake fluid. Gear Oil Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp., Benicia, California, presents its all-new 75W110 GL-5 Gear oil, a fully-synthetic ester formula of an intermediate viscosity offering shear stability, less gear noise and more consistent limited-slip operation in performance applications. The gear oil provides enthusiasts a choice in between red line's popular 75W90 and 75W140 selections for everyday use, track days and racing activity. it is designed to provide wear protection and friction reduction across a range of operating conditions with a high natural viscosity index. Diesel Fuel Additives with Cetane Champion Oil, clinton, missouri, introduces two new diesel fuel additives—diesel flo with cetane, and Power Plus with cetane. champion's diesel flo with cetane is a premium diesel fuel anti-gel and de-icer designed to prevent operability issues in diesel fueling systems at sub-zero temperatures. Power Plus with cetane is an ultra-high-performance, multi- functional diesel fuel additive for today's high-pressure common-rail injector systems and modern diesel fuels. cutting-edge detergents rapidly clean injector carbon deposits and "sticking" internal deposits.

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