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16 n Performance & Hotrod Business n December 2014 ATF & CVT Fluid Phillips 66 Lubricants, Houston, introduces Kendall VersaTrans LV ATF and Kendall CVT Fluid. The lubricants are designed for use in passenger vehicles with conventional automatic transmissions and continuously variable transmissions, respectively. The specially engineered, full-synthetic Kendall VersaTrans LV ATF is formulated to help ensure long service life and provide consistent shift performance for the life of the fluid. The CVT Fluid is designed with balanced frictional properties to offer oxidation stability, wear protection and service life. Racing Oils AMSOIL Inc., Superior, Wisconsin, presents its Dominator Racing Oils, designed to offer maximum performance and protection in high-performance and racing applications. Engineered from advanced synthetic technologies, the oils withstand elevated rpm, high temperatures and shock-loading commonly found in performance engines. They offer track- proven performance capabilities and are available in 5W-20, 10W-30, 15W-50 and SAE 60 viscosities. Coolant System Additive Royal Purple, Porter, Texas, introduces its Purple Ice Coolant System Additive that offers improved corrosion protection and anti-foaming capabilities. The radiator conditioner and additive boosts the coolant's heat transfer properties and protects an engine's internal structures from corrosion. It is formulated with an advanced two-in-one corrosion inhibitor and wetting agent that reduces the surface tension of the coolant. It keeps engine temperatures down while complying with all race rules. Leak Fix Bar's Products, Holly, Michigan, introduces Bar's Leaks One Seal Stop Leak, an all-in-one additive designed to stop leaks in engine, transmission and power steering systems. Compatible with all engine oils, transmission fluids and power steering fluids, the stop leak works with any type of engine including diesel and turbo. To treat a leak, simply pour one 11-ounce bottle into the leaking system's reservoir. One bottle will treat one leak. The made-in-the USA product is available in case packs of six bottles. Diesel Fuel Additive LIQUI MOLY, Ulm, Germany, presents its DPF Protector, a fuel additive that protects diesel particulate filters from prematurely clogging. DPF Protector reduces the minimum temperature the filter requires for automatic regeneration by more than 200 degrees, allowing it to regenerate even during short trips and remain free. Simply pour DPF Protector into the fuel tank. Fuel System Additives The Penray Companies Inc., Wheeling, Illinois, offers a complete line of Fuel System Additives and Supplements for gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Penray Plus Ethanol Stabilizer incorporates a solvent to prevent ethanol and gasoline from separating in the fuel in the tank. Other products include three additives for light-duty diesel-powered vehicles— Winter Cetane Diesel Anti-Gel, Penray Plus Diesel Fuel Prep and the new Diesel Engine Oil Treatment—and all-season Pow-R 365 5-in-1 Diesel Treatment for the heavy-duty market.

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