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PERFORMANCE I wanted to address this issue with the shops before we get too far into winter. It's fall and the nights are getting colder, which is harder on diesel trucks that sit out overnight. When the weather turns cool in the evenings and then heats up during the day, it always causes several conditions that are counterproductive for diesel trucks. All Wet Moisture is not good for any vehicle, and especially trucks being used in rougher conditions for work or play. Moisture affects fuel, wiring, injectors, pumps, fil- ters, lubrication on the suspension and the braking system, just to name a few. Moisture can be even more of a prob- lem in colder weather. Back in my earlier days when I helped local shops promote their products and services, I always prepped them for the winter months early. I encouraged them to start in October offering weekly prep treatments for diesels such as checking injectors, pumps and wiring connections. Ask customers if they are ready for colder temperatures and the effects of snow or ice on diesel engines. No one likes to be stuck out in miserable weather with a broken truck. Also stock up on fuel additives for gell- ing, since that happens below 20 degrees on some systems. A bottle of fuel additive stuck in the glove box or toolbox is cheaper than getting stuck and can be added a little each time you fill up at the pump. The use of CRC Fuel Therapy, Cold Flow or Emergency Quick Flow keeps water out of the tank and prevents foul- ing of injectors. The cheap stations have water in their fuel tanks, which ends up in your tank. Diesel fuel gelling is the number one reason for most diesel failures in the winter. Any time the truck sits out in 20-degrees or colder conditions, you have a chance of gelling the fuel and filters. It will definitely occur whenever the temperatures hit below 4 degrees! Oil Change Change your customer's oil for win- ter—his or her truck will start easier and it will make the engine last longer. There are several weights made just for diesels for winter use, and after a hot summer it will need refreshing before it gets cold outside. There are some great oils out there made just for diesels such as Champion Blue Flame oil, a 15-40W synthetic blend, a full synthetic 5-40W or Champion Syn-Gold for the new Ram 1500 diesel. Of course, oil to a diesel fan is like ask- ing him what kind of steak he prefers— they are usually highly opinionated and brand-loyal to what they have been using for their truck. In some areas it's fighting words to change the oil if it's not the right By Ron Knoch Be Prepared Is your shop ready for winter diesel business? Winter prepara- tions are already well under way across the country. Dave's Diesel Angola in Indiana has trucks on the lift every day. 44 n Performance & Hotrod Business n December 2014

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