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December 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 45 brand. Make sure you are well-educated on the benefits of the oil you are suggesting. Then run a quick check on the exhaust system, since they tend to deteriorate quickly under the truck in adverse weather conditions. When replacing the exhaust, always look for stainless steel pipes, particularly if you're in the Midwest—they tend to last longer and not rust. We recommend Flowmaster's stainless steel exhaust systems with PRO series mufflers for diesels because they are one of the few mufflers that cuts the drone out of the cab. Flowmaster makes several systems with this muffler for diesels from the turbo back or the DPF back. And don't forget the electrical system. Since diesel trucks take two batteries, it is always a good idea to offer a free battery test prior to the winter months. The test takes very little time and often results in a battery sale. Again, no one wants to go out on a cold morning running late for work and turn the key with no response! There are some very good battery check systems out on the market right now. To market it, I have seen shops make a poster of the bat- tery they sell upside down with a big red X through it with text that reads, "A Dead Battery is Such a Loss." Then they list the replacement specials above it—anything to grab the consumer's attention while they are waiting or looking around your shop will generally produce sales. Always change your oil after a hard, hot summer. Fresh oil going into winter will make for easier starts. Blair-708-qtr-HRR.indd 1 1/3/14 2:17:14 PM

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