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48 n Performance & Hotrod Business n December 2014 HOTROD T echnology is our friend. We keep saying that, but sometimes our friends can be a little confusing. One example is insulation for our cars. Any builder or buyer traveling down that road must first face the big question of choosing from "sound insulation" and "thermal insulation." And that's an important decision, because changing out a ride's insulation after it's built will require plenty of work and money. So, insulation is one of those items that requires some research to make the right decision the first time. Here's some informa- tion to get you started. When and Why We asked our sources about the "when and why" of insulation, the differences in the aftermarket products available, and even how shops can improve their sales presentations. We started off by asking at what stage of a build insulation should be installed. The answer depends on the type of insulation product you plan to use. For example, DEI's Boom Mat brand manager, Mike Zenone, says the Boom Mat prod- uct should be installed "after the vehicle is painted and before the interior goes in." On the other hand, Marx Henry, auto- motive specialist for LizardSkin, suggests installing the product much sooner. "Heat is looking for an easy way to pen- etrate the body. We want to be very early in the build when the vehicle is stripped and before paint," he says. "We recom- mend you completely encapsulate the entire interior. If you have a completely gutted interior, this is the easiest time to apply to these areas: firewall/floor pan, ceil- ing, quarters, inside doors, behind rear seat and all support braces. If you're planning Ways to keep sound and heat at bay. By John Carollo Latest on Insulation (Photo courtesy HushMat)

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