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December 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 51 and sound barrier capabilities. For the thermal shortcut, use the HP Stealth Shield. This way you can lay it underneath the carpet above the sound insulation and finally have a true heat shield for inside your ride. This way you don't need a lift to stick something underneath, or take the exhaust off to wrap or shield it." Second Skin Insulation's owner, Ken Kanefield, encourages shops to use smaller amounts of a high-quality material, rather than larger amounts of a low-quality material because "using the correct products the first time will save time and money." Tim McCarthy, founder & CEO of HushMat, notes his com- pany has a complete line of over 700 currently available Custom Vehicle Kits. "We have done the homework to provide the exact amount of material needed to treat the entire interior of your specific year, make and model of vehicle," McCarthy says. Each kit includes a vehicle-specific installation guide for proper placement of the individual sheets. "Ease of installation is the sweet spot for HushMat," he says. "The shortcut is 'peel and stick'. That is about it. No tools, no heat guns in the winter months, no acetone or alcohol pre-cleaning. HushMat is the easiest material to install in the entire sound and thermal insulation materials category. "The one piece of advice we have if you are purchasing our universal kits is if you are laying out the material for installation and have small areas to treat, place the full sheet in the area prior to removing the brown release paper. Trace out the shape you want to cut with a marker or trace the area in the foil, then cut the area out before removing the release liner. This will save time in the installation," he adds. And while "shortcuts" are not always the best options, Silent Running's sales and marketing manager, Morgan Schultz, says that the SR CAR product can be quickly sprayed onto the sur- face rather than cutting, fitting, peeling and being left with scrap pieces. "I think of every car project as someone's prized possession, so any other shortcuts I really wouldn't recommend," says Schultz. What Consumers Should Know Adding to these tips for installers, we asked manufacturers what critical information their customers should know about insulation. "Adequate amounts of sound damping material installed in a vehicle will be the biggest unseen improvement that you can make," says Whitaker. "Before DynaMat was introduced 25 years ago, no one thought a car could actually be made quiet, solid and cool. Hot rodders just used to put up with the discomfort. It works and it works well. You really can't 'frugal' your way to a high-quality car. Whether it is seen or unseen, quality materials result in a quality job." Henry points out that a lot of classic cars were originally only marginally insulated, if at all. "Insulation is very important to the enjoyment of your vehi- cle," he says. "Who wants to drive a pizza oven around and melt your favorite pair of tennis shoes?" (800) 264-9472 800-264-9472 Dealer & Distributor Inquiries Welcome DESIGN DESIGN ENGINEERING INC. HEAT PROTECTION FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT Lower intake temps Reflect heat away from interiors Protect components from engine heat SR CAR Spray On Sound Damping It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Use SR CAR to reduce unwanted road noise, improve stereo quality, and dampen vibration in your vehicle. • Spray, Brush, or Roll On • Permanent Coating • Water Based • Non-Flammable Made in USA SR CAR by Silent Running TM • (877) 436-6542 • Manufactured by

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