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December 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 59 brand-new units. Six-volt LED lamps are available for owners sufficiently devoted to strict authenticity who want to retain a six-volt electrical system. "We'll put those in a car from the 1930s," said Lippke, "and they will provide actual visibility while driving in the dark." When buying LEDs, especially, you do have to know your supplier—and the product. "There are a lot of places selling cheap ones," Lippke cautions, adding that the LED lamps sold in some auto-supply chain stores "look cool, but are actually dimmer than the original bulbs. You need to find out how many lumens the lamps produce. The good ones, from Delta Tech and other reputable suppliers, are much brighter and safer." "Do your research," Allen advises. "Not all LED and lighting companies are the same. If the price looks too good to be true, you might want to steer clear." Brightening Sales The best sales strategies for new light- ing are those well-proven for just about all components: know your product, keep it in stock, and wherever practical allow customers to see and touch it. "The most effective method I use to sell lighting or any other upgrades," says Lusk, "is by having a vehicle at the shop that already has these upgrades installed. Show the customer how the final result will look, and it almost guarantees the sale." "We have a display unit at trade shows," says Durian, "and we let people turn the switch on, and they can't believe it. 'You mean I am driving with that today, when LED light could be so much better!?'" "Having products that customers can look at, touch, feel, and turn on really helps," Snow agrees. "And make sure your customers know that there are options to increase lighting performance." "As lighting continues to improve," adds Meaux, "we look forward to install- ing the latest and greatest that manufactur- ers have to offer. I personally am a fan of custom lighting fixtures for vehicles and I look forward to incorporating more of them into future builds. Those combined with LED and HID technology make for a cool setup that can accent your favorite part of the car." "More light is a powerful selling tool," Hines concludes. "Put more light on the road, and you'll put more cash in your pocket." John Katz is a freelance automo- tive journalist and historian. He is a regular contributor to Performance & Hotrod Business as well as other automotive industry publications. He lives and works in south-central Pennsylvania. Comparison of a driver's view of a standard halogen beam performance (left) to a driver's view of a Philips X-tremeVison headlight beam performance (right). (Photo courtesy Philips Automotive North America)

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