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December 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 63 at St. Johns in Plymouth, Michigan, among many others. In addition to a talented and knowl- edgeable staff, Morey suggests that a shop's physical environment is critical to deliver- ing high-quality projects for customers. "We keep our shop space clean and organized and that makes a big difference," he says. "It's important that your physi- cal environment reflects the quality of the final product. We always keep the front of the building looking nice and keep our office and shop space as clean and orga- nized as possible." Morey says RU2 Inc. often works on a major body-off project for more than a year, meaning that regular meetings with customers at important milestones throughout the process are a critical part of the process. "These are long and often expensive projects, so customers like coming into our office and getting an update from us, away from all the other activity in the shop," he says. "When we go to the shop they like to see progress on their projects and they like to see that our operation is efficient. That's their money at work and they want to know we have stuff together and we're efficient. Having an organized shop is a great way to show them we're operating at a high level." High-end projects also require a great deal of focus, he says, so he tries to limit the types of projects the shop accepts to avoid too much distraction from its expertise. "In addition to older restorations, we've done quite a few muscle car projects, so we're well-versed in that as well," he says. "But our specialty is body-off restorations. Now, not all customers can afford that. They'll have a project and they want the fenders straightened or the upholstery done, and we will do that. But unless it's a regular customer with a high-end vehicle with collision damage, we won't take on collision or repair work." High-End Specialties Clearly that approach is paying off. In recent years RU2 Inc. has had projects win some of the most coveted awards in the high-end car show circuit. One example: A full-fender 1950 Allard J2. The '50 Allard, a rare restoration-quality vehicle known for its mid-century racing heritage, won first in class at the Concours d' Elegance of America at Meadowbrook, Michigan, at its first showing in 2006. In 2010, the Allard also won best in its class at the Milwaukee Masterpiece. In 2013, the shop did another high- end restoration for the same customer, a 1950 Muntz Jet, which won the best paint award at the 2013 Concours d' Elegance of America in Plymouth, Michigan. The It's important that your physical environment reflects the quality of the final product. OVER 4000 SPECIALTY PARTS • Circle Track, Drag, Open Wheel, Off-Road and Hot Rods • Excellent Profit Margins • Aggressive R&D And New Product Development • Servicing Dealers World Wide VISIT US AT PRI BOOTH 2517 AllstarHalfPage_14.indd 1 9/26/14 12:45 PM

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