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66 n Performance & Hotrod Business n December 2014 HOTROD "I got lucky and my fun hobby became a great career and it's lasted long enough that I get to watch things change," he says. "Over time, what is old becomes new again, and that's fun to watch." Morey notes a prime example: lace painting. "We recently took one of our first proj- ect cars to a show, and the paint on that car was laced, which has been out of vogue so Customers appreciate the shop's physical environment, which is critical to delivering high-quality projects. long that a lot of young people don't know what it is anymore," he says. "This young kid came up and asked, 'Where did you find a pattern for this design on the Internet?' I told him that in 1965, no one had a com- puter, so I went and bought a lace pattern I liked and we taped it and painted over it. Some of those kids didn't believe me, but I still have the actual lace pattern. It was $3 of lace at the yard goods store. "Now the lace and cob-webbing is com- ing back," he continues. "It's neat to me that things that were cool back then can be cool again. Some trends hold up over time and the key is creativity. If it was creative back then, it might stand up over time." Looking to the Future Morey also believes that 40 years into the future we might be looking back at today's vehicles with similarly quaint feelings. "I suspect some of the cars of the 1990s will be looked at very differently 40 years from now," he says. "They'll say, 'Look at the antique computers on that 2010 Cadillac!'" Despite all that will be different in the future, Morey believes one thing will never RU2 is set up to do its own upholstery in-house.

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