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December 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 67 change: the appreciation for unique and custom vehicles. "Interest in or love of cars will never go away in this country," he predicts. "A lot of the trade schools have faded over the years so, that means we have a responsibility in the business to get young people interested in the craft." For Morey and RU2 Inc., that process starts with engaging younger generations through monthly open houses at the shop. "We encourage customers to bring their kids and grandkids and they do. That's really great to see." Once a young person gets a test drive, the profession sells itself, according to Morey. "You just have to be sure not to scare them off by telling them not to touch any- thing. We do the opposite and offer to take them for a ride and they're hooked right away. Loud pipes, acceleration that will throw your head back. That stuff is pow- erful to anyone, including young people." For RU2 Inc., future plans include a 3,200-square-foot shop addition, includ- ing an expanded showroom. While he certainly could have greatly increased pro- duction capacity over the years to become bigger, that's not at the top of his list. "I would love to double our shop size and hire three or four new people, but that's about all the larger I'd want to become," he says. "As a young man I had a vision of building a 50,000-square-foot operation and only coming in once a week. But that wasn't ultimately what I wanted. At this stage and size, I really enjoy the work. That's plenty." Morey says that keeping the business at a modest size also helps him to build strong relationships with each of the mem- bers of the team, including his relationship with his brother. "I feel so fortunate to get to work with my brother. I love my brother," he says. "I hear many people say they could never do that, but for me it's been a great expe- rience. We've been able to put any differ- ences aside and share a career. Not too many people have that opportunity." Morey is also still energized by the work itself. The process of taking a vehicle that some people would throw away and creat- ing a beautiful work of art from it is what keeps him passionate about the business. "That process keeps you excited. It also aggravates you," he laughs. "But each car is a different challenge and it makes every day exciting. I could do five Packards and no two would be the same. That's a pretty great thing to do for work." With more than 40 years in business, hundreds of happy customers and loads of awards to his name, that's a pretty good thing for his customers as well. Interest in or love of cars will never go away in this country. We have a responsibility in the business to get young people interested in the craft. WE DON'T JUST INSURE CARS. We insure garages, too. Grundy. Inventors of Agreed Value insurance. Protecting collectible automobiles since 1947. Car restoration and construction is expensive and tricky. But insuring your business against loss need not be. Grundy now offers our legendary protection not just for the products America's automotive shops produce, but for the shops themselves. We understand the liabilities you face not only when you build a car, but also when the proud owners of your creations put them on the road. We protect your garage, the cars you are working on, your tools and equipment, and the building and its contents with "All Risk" property policies. So call Grundy today and protect your business, yourself, and your customers. e insurance experts at Grundy can economically cover your liability for accidents or negligent workmanship. 866-338- 4006

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