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December 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 75 the proportions and features we wanted, it just didn't make sense to try and imple- ment them on that chassis. Start Again from Scratch Decision made! It's gonna be a much lower, shorter, lighter version of the origi- nal plan. But one big detail is still in the air: to chop the top or not? I will not compromise my comfort, as I will be racking up a ton of seat time. But with as low and short as the glorified go-kart will be, I may have to get a better-looking proportion out of it. My buddy Becky Zavalla at Glide Engineering sent us out a really nice stock replacement '37 truck seat for this build. Great gal and a great product. I've never had a brand-spanking-new seat in a personal build, so I decided I had to get one. More times than not, builders have the seats mounted in the car before a trim- mer gets it. I haven't had the opportunity to carry a seat line until now. Becky was a ton of help and I'm hooked on the product. I wanted something that filled the space, was comfortable and would complement the style I'm going for. The bed needs to be stripped. The bed is being prepared to shorten. The Glide Engineering seats arrive. High quality and classy shape will flow nicely in the build.

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