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December 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 87 a computer, or even have a small meeting. It's exactly the kind of experience many people want when they go for a cup of coffee. The approach worked. Today the cof- fee house thrives by attracting customers looking for something different than the Starbucks experience. What's Different Interestingly, you may have noticed use of the word "different." That's because this approach is in perfect alignment with the differentiation theme of my previous articles. By identifying the weakness in a com- petitor's strength, and then flipping that weakness into a strength of your own, you are by definition differentiating yourself from the competition. Action Steps Here are three steps for competing with a monster on the mountain by flipping the weakness in their strength for your com- petitive advantage: • Identify the leader in your market- place (you have to know who the monster is). • Identify at least one strength in their business model. • Identify at least one weakness within that strength. This should prove to be a very interest- ing exercise for you because it may allow you to find the Achilles' heel of the mon- ster on the mountain so that you can grow your business no matter who moves into your market. Andrew Sokol is an award-winning international marketing consultant and is currently director of market- ing for Sinister Manufacturing Inc. Marketing questions for this column can be sent to March 12-14, 2015 *Exhibit Hall Opens March 13 Indianapolis, IN For exhibiting information, contact: Laurie zydonik Trade Show Sales Manager (800) 669-0424, Ext. 281

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