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32 n Performance & Hotrod Business n January 2015 PERFORMANCE Sinister Diesel Roseville, California Brian George CEO Our hottest Truck Performance prod- uct for 2015 is … … really a wide range of new prod- ucts. In 2014 we introduced a 6.0-liter Power Stroke 58v FICM; a variety of oil and coolant filtration systems for Ford, GM and Dodge; a CAT fuel filter adaptor for Cummins and Duramax engines; Power Stroke hot and cold side charge pipes; new Dodge steering box stabilizers; a range of EGR coolers and more. While I can't give away secrets about 2015, I can tell you that R&D is non- stop at Sinister Diesel and this year we'll be releasing even more high-performance components such as air intakes and inter- coolers, filtrations kits, exhaust systems, fuel systems, EGR coolers, and more. Its best features include … … the best features of all these products is the same leading-edge technology that has always given our customers the parts and systems that boost performance and are more durable than ever. For example, when installed on a vehi- cle with a performance tune, independent dyno tests show our 2003-'07 6.0-liter Power Stroke tubular headers add 37 hp and 99 foot-pounds of torque, while our Y-pipes add 121 hp and 289 foot-pounds of torque. We'll have even more exciting verified performance numbers on new parts Sinister is releasing this year. But performance is meaningless if com- ponents don't meet state and federal emis- sions standards. Because Sinister Diesel is located in California where regulations are among the most stringent in the nation, we're driven to make sure our parts com- ply. That's why we were proud when our 2004-'07 6.0-liter Power Stroke EGR cooler was granted an Executive Order number by the California Air Resources Board. The announcement represents Sinister's continued commitment to performance, technology and compliance with air qual- ity regulations. Shops should be excited about serving Truck Performance customers in the coming year because … … the industry is on the move and demand in all sectors is growing. At the same time, diesel fuel is becoming easier for consumers to find and truck manufac- turers are offering a growing range of diesel models to choose from. Of course, no one knows what lies ahead, but one thing is for sure—the diesel industry is changing faster than ever and companies like Sinister are racing forward to stay ahead. The keys for any manufacturing com- pany will be developing products that provide cleaner and more efficient meth- ods of boosting performance and power By partnering with companies they can depend on for service and reliability, even the smallest shop can leverage the talents, skills and assets of leading businesses. (Photos courtesy Sinister Diesel)

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